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Room 308, Unit 4, Building 1, Dongyuan garden, Er Jing Road, Dongli Development zone, Tianjin, China.




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Product List
Product Name CAS No. Grade/Content Operate

ammonium bicarbonate

1066-33-7 Inquiry

ammonium chloride

12125-02-9 Inquiry

ammonium sulphate

7783-20-2 Inquiry

basic chrome sulphate

39380-78-4 Inquiry

calcium carbide

75-20-7 Inquiry

calcium formate

544-17-2 Inquiry

chrome oxide green

1308-38-9 Inquiry

oxalic acid

144-62-7 Inquiry

sodium hydrosulphide

16721-80-5 Inquiry

sodium metabisulphite

7681-57-4 Inquiry
Company Profile
Tianjin Yuteng International Limited locates in Dongli Developing Zone of Tianjin, which is near to Xingang, the largest sea port of chemicals import and export in North China. We are one of the professional manufacturers of barium sulphate and sodium sulphide in China . Our plant was established in North of China. Our annual output is about 35000mt for barium sulphate and 20000mt for sodium sulphide. We mainly produce barium sulphate precipitate, and sodium sulphide with various Iron content, from 1500ppm to 10ppm. In order to export the goods and service our customers in good quality, we establish an office in Tianjin, which is especial for exporting all kinds of chemicals. Besides, we also export another several kinds of chemicals. The strongest products of our company are: chrome oxide green, sodium hydrosulphide, oxalic acid, zinc chloride, ammonium chloride, magnesium sulphate and potassium nitrate etc. As we have been in chemical manufacture and exporting market for many years, in order to offer our service better and sure each shipment on time, we built a warehouse near Xingang port. It can be loaded more than 20000mt cargo and there are some professional staffs to supervise each kind of goods. We promise that we will insist our enterprise culture“super quality at competitive price for products, honest and faithfulness service for clients“We welcome the friends from all of the world and cooperate with each other for the mutual benefit.
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