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Euro Tier China 2019

EuroTier–the world’s leading trade fair for animal production – is coming to China, bringing this global platform to one of the most prominent animal husbandry hubs on the planet. The new show is the ideal platform for agricultural businesses to enter a growing livestock market and take advantage of the opportunity to help shape the future of animal production in China.Despite being one of the leading producers and consumers of meat in the world, China is still challenged by the ever-rising levels of local consumption. The current focus of the Chinese industry is on environmental sustainability, especially with regard to organic residue management and emissions. Another key topic in the animal husbandry sector is food quality and safety.
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  • Guided Tour of Euro Tier China 2019

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Euro Tier China 2019


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EuroTier China offers the entire range of products and services for animal husbandry professionals – from technology, services and genetics to farm inputs and other upstream and downstream areas. It gives access to advanced technological know-how, developments on international agricultural markets and provides efficient structures for networking with international experts and transferring important knowledge. The program and information are tailored to the specific challenges of the farming world in the region.
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