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The 85th API China

Organizer: Reed Sinopharm
14-16, October, 2020Nanjing,China

The 24th China-Pharm&85th API China

API China is a well-established comprehensive pharmaceuticals and chemicals show in Chinese pharmaceutical industry. With more than 50 years' experience in China, it has been a well-known celebration for all parties involved in Chinese Pharmaceutical market. It has deep partnership with:China Center for Food and Drug International Exchange (CCFDIE), China Pharmaceutical Industry Association (CPIA), China National Pharmaceutical Packaging Association (CNPPA) and other powerful industy associations.

Openning Ceremony

On October 14, 2020, the 24th China International Pharmaceutical (Industry) Exhibition and Technology Exchange (CHINA-PHARM) & the 85th China International Pharmaceutical Raw Materials/Intermediates/Packaging/Equipment Fair (API China) opened at Nanjing International Expo Center.
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Conference Agenda


14th-16th October, 2020


Nanjing International Expo Center


  • 1

    Pharmaceutical Engineering Conference 2020

  • 2

    China Chemical Pharmaceutical Industry Summit 2020

  • 3

    Development & Innovation-the 2nd Animal health Innovative Development Forum

  • 4

    MAH and Pharmaceutical Chemistry Sustainable Development Forum

  • 5

    Seminar on Joint Review of Pharmaceutical Excipients

  • 6

    Stabilize Supply, Stimulate Growth - Post-COVID-19 Pharmaceutical Industry Supply Chain Conference

  • 7

    Green pharmaceutical - API Green Development and Innovation Forum

  • 8

    China International Pharmaceutical Industry Environmental Protection Development Forum 2020

  • 9

    Communication on China Biodrug Industrialization Key Points in 2020

  • 10

    Opportunities and Challenges for Import and Export of Natural Plant Extracts After Covid-19

  • 11

    The 14th New Drug Development Group Academic Salon

  • 12

    New Drug Research and Development Forum

  • 13

    Drug Informatization Traceability System Establishment and Application Forum

  • 14

    API China Generic Drug Quality and Effect Consistency Evaluation and Bundling Review--Seminar on Oral Solid Preparations Consistency Evaluation Technology and Regulations

  • 15

    API China Generic Drug Quality and Effect Consistency Evaluation and Bundling Review -Seminar on Injection Preparations Consistency Evaluation Technology and Regulations

  • 16

    New Environment,Technology, Packaging - Pharmaceutical Packaging Innovation Summit 2020

  • 18

    The 35th China API Market Information Release Conference

  • 19

    The 8th Healthoo Antibiotics Day

  • 20

    Drug Testing Standard Training 2020

  • 21

    Application of Modern Instrument in Drug R&D and Quality Control

Experts in Conference


Xue Bin

Director of China Food and Drug International Exchange Center

speech2 (1).png

Chen Shifei

Deputy Director of the State Drug Administration

speech3 (1).png

Zhang Ping

Chairman of International Pharmaceutical Engineering Association China

speech4 (1).png

Pan Guangcheng

Executive Chairman

speech5 (1).png

Lei Ying

Vice President and Secretary-General

speech6 (1).png

Shao Mingli

Former vice minister of the Ministry of Health, former director of the State Food and Drug Administration, and chairman of the Chinese Society for Drug Administration

Innovation Display




The Exhibitor List

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Meet with 60,000+ Pharma Professionals
Since 1968, API china has alreay rooted herself in Chinese pharmaceutical industry and build connections with all parties in the industry. By gathering 60,000+ pharma professionals from 5000+ API, FPP, biologic and formulated TCM manufacturers and CROs in China, API China already becomes the ideal business platform for international pharma professionals to join in and grow business in the rapidly changing Chinese pharmaceutical market.

Exhibits Area

Echemi Live Interview

The company layout and industry market trend&technology innvation.HEC Pharm was established in 2002. Today HEC Pharm includes 4 subsidiaries with manufacturing facilities. They are HEC Pharm Co. Ltd. and Yichang Changjiang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. both located in Hubei, China, Sunshine Lake Pharma Co., Ltd. and Ruyuan HEC pharm Co., Ltd. located in Guangdong, China.

Echemi at 2020 API China

Echemi team and on-site business communication

Echemi Pharmaceutical

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  • Intermediate

  • Veterinary API

  • Agrochemical

  • ...

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