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Organizer : Echemi Europe B.V.

Online Roadshow of Echemi Europe


At 10:00 GMT+2 , September 3 2020


Topics - Food Trends/Hot Products/Local Warehouse/Coupons & Benefits of eu.echemi.com


  • 10:00 GMT+2

    Online Roadshow Started

  • 10:10 GMT+2

    David Zhang, CEO - Echemi Group gave the keynote speech

  • 10:20 GMT+2

    Ms Jane Che, Senior Sales Director of Food &Nutrition Division - Echemi Group gave the products introduction

  • 10:30 GMT+2

    Bart Broeksteeg, CEO - Tieleman Transport B.V. gave the keynote speech

  • 10:40 GMT+2

    Annie An, Project Manager - Echemi Europe B.V. gave the guide of online order

  • 10:50 GMT+2


About Echemi Europe B.V.

Hot Products on Eu.chemi.com


Natamycin 50% Lactose

Natamycin 50% lactose is an effective natural food preservative for preventing yeast and mold growth.


Nisin Food Grade

Nisin is a polycyclic antibacterial peptide produced by the bacterium Lactococcus lactis that is used as a food preservative.


Xylitol 10-30 Mesh

Xylitol 10-30 Mesh (Xylitol C) is white crystalline, practically odourless, with a very sweet, cool taste, sweetness equivalent to sucrose.


Pea Protein Isolated 80%

In the food industry, pea protein isolated 80% is one of the most potent plant proteins alongside rice and soyaprotein. Pea protein isolated 80% is rich in various amino acids and vitamins.

Speakers Guide

Mr David Zhang
CEO of Echemi Group, introduced Echemi Europe B.V., a B2B e-commerce information platform. And registered members benefits:● 10 free samples ● Fast delivery ● Quality and services ● Small parcels
  • Ms Jane introduced food&nutrition products

  • Trends & Products in the future

  • Ms Jane , Food &Nutrition Division , Echemi Group

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Special Report - DHA Algae Oil


DHA Algae Oil Market Report


Mr Bart Broeksteeg
Bart Broeksteeg, CEO - Tieleman Transport B.V. gave the special keynote speech for Online Roadshow of Echemi Europe

Special Report - Lutein


Lutein Market Report

  • Ms Annie introduced the guide of online order

  • Guide - Online Order

  • Annie An, Project Manager - Echemi Europe B.V. gave the guide of online order : Register · Place an order · Contract confirmation · Payment · Delivery
  • Eu.echemi.com Guide - Register · Place an order · Contract confirmation · Payment · Delivery


  • Is it the real-time stock in Rotterdam? If the quantity i need is more than the inventory displayed online, can i place the order? and when can i look forward to receiving the rest material?

  • Sure, all the stocked quantities on eu.echemi.com are the real stock in our warehouse in the Netherlands. We have six range of products stocked in the warehouse now, they are Amino acid, food preservative, nutrition, plant protein, vitamin and sugar substitute. In the future, we will have more ranges of food and nutrition products in our warehouse, so that we could meet more and more customers’ demands. You could keep following on our latest news about the products.

  • Are the products all sold on line priced by Echemi ?

  • All the prices offered by manufacturers directly to european local customers, Echemi as the solution creater provide local service to EU customers. Just register, you will check out the prices based on quantity

  • Are there tier price for a big amount?

  • For the inventory we displayed online, the price is same. But you can use the coupons when you’re placing an order. For real big amount, you could negotiate with our online customer services.

  • Are there price compromise for regular customers?

  • Our platform is totally transparency for the price. And the price we provided to the new and regular customers are totally the same. But you could keep following on Echemi’s new activities, we will have promotion products and special event from time to time to thanks for our registered members. Currently we have several products in promotion at our homepage, such as lutein, zeaxanthin, hyaluronic acid, proteins and so on, you could go to check if you’re interested in.

  • If I purchase on Echemi website, who will be responsible for the quality? Echemi or Factory?

  • Each batch before ship to EU warehouse, manufacturers will provide the quality confirmation by third party or by supervuision.Once any quality issue you purchased on Echemi B.V., we will responsible for it.

  • Are the factories relyable? How do I get their information of reputation, claims, and scale?

  • All the informartion just contact with your service manager of Echemi B.V., updates information will be send to you by email.

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