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Biochemical Reagents


Colorant in food, drugs and cosmetics.Biological stain; textile dye; wood stain; indicator.


Preparation of carminic acid, overall staining in embryology, staining of nuclei, titration of ammonia solution indicator, microscopic analysis, fluorescence analysis, dyeing, coloring of food, etc. It can be used to calibrate and standardize the detection method of synthetic pigments in food, and can also be used as a working standard for daily analysis and detection.

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As indicator in 0.1% alcoholic solution; pH:4.4 red, 6.2 yellow.Used for titrating NH3, weak organic bases, e.g., alkaloids; not suitable for organic acids, except oxalic and picric acid.Methyl red is easily reduced, thereby losing its color, and readings should be made promptly.It is gradually being replaced by sulfonphthalein indicators, such as bromcresol green, which are more stable and exhibit a sharper change in color.

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Allura Red

Color additive in foods, drugs and cosmetics.

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Thymol Blue

As as acid-base indicator; pH:red 1.2 to yellow 2.8; also yellow 8.0 to blue 9.6.

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Biochemical reagents refer to biological materials or organic compounds related to life science research, as well as reagents for clinical diagnosis and medical research. Biochemical reagents can be divided into amino acids, molecular weights, proteins, proteins, nucleotides, nucleic acids, enzymes, coenzymes, sugars, esters, hormones, etc. according to the substances contained in biological tissues or generated during metabolic processes; According to the needs of biological research, it can be divided into electrophoresis reagents, chromatography reagents, immunological reagents, labeling reagents, histochemical reagents, etc.
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