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    Systemic conductivity selective herbicide in paddy field. It has outstanding effect on controlling barnyard grass before the 2nd leaf stage. The agent is absorbed by the root system, stem, and leaves and then transmitted to the entire plant, breaking the balance of endogenous auxin, thereby inhibiting intracellular protein synthesis, disrupting the division of growth point cells, and inhibiting and delaying the formation of weed stems and leaves, growth and development Stop, the stems and leaves change from thick green to yellow, brown to die. For example, after the emergence of rice dry farming, barnyardgrass 1.5-2.5 leaf stage, per 100 square meters with piperazine 50% emulsifiable concentrate 30mL plus 20% diarrhea emulsifiable concentrate 75 ~ 112.6mL, 4.5 ~ 6kg water, stem and leaf spray. Before and after sowing, dry and wet seedlings are sprayed with 50% emulsifiable concentrate 22.5-30mL per 100 square meters and sprayed with 3.75~4.5kg of water on the bed surface. The water-cultivated seedlings can be applied by poisonous soil method 1-4d after sowing . In the transplanting field, spray water with 22.5 to 39 mL of 50% emulsifiable concentrate 3 to 7 days after transplanting. After application, keep a 3 to 5 cm water layer for 5 to 7 days. When there are many types of weeds in paddy fields, they should be mixed with other herbicides.

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    Methyl 2-(4-((3-chloro-5-(trifluoromethyl)-2-pyridinyl)oxy)phenoxy)propanoate

    Heterocyclic oxyphenoxy fatty acid post-emergent selective herbicides, fatty acid synthesis inhibitors, with systemic conduction effect, stems and leaves are quickly absorbed by weeds and transmitted to the entire plant, hydrolyzed into acid, inhibit root and Stem meristem grows and causes death. It is used to control various broad-leaved crops such as soybean, cotton, peanut, rapeseed, nursery, flax and other broad-leaved crops, such as Madang, Maidengrass, Goosegrass, barnyard grass, Setaria, Qianjin, etc. annual grass weeds, bermudagrass, white grass, etc. Perennial grass weeds are not effective against broadleaf grasses and sedges. For example, in the field of rapeseeds, see the maidenhair, in 1 to 2 leafing stages, use 12.5% ​​emulsifiable concentrate 4.5 to 7.5mL/100m2, spray treatment with 4.5kg of water on stems and leaves; to control weeds in soybean fields, restore 2 to 4 after soybean seedlings Leaf, weeds 3 to 5 leaf stage, use 12.5% ​​emulsifiable concentrate 6 to 9 mL/100 m2, spray 4.5 kg of water, increase the dosage appropriately in drought; control peanut or cotton field weeds, at peanut 2 to 4 leaf stage, weed 3 to 5 leaf stage, cotton field weed 3 to 6 leaf stage, spray 4.5 kg of water with 12.5% ​​EC 6 to 9 mL/100 m2.


    Selective herbicide. It can control gramineous weeds and certain broad-leaved weeds and is used in rapeseed, alfalfa, and cruciferous crop fields. If the rape field is used, it can be treated before transplanting and after transplanting live trees, and spray water with 70% wettable powder. This product is not affected by soil and climate. Under normal circumstances, the residual effect period in the soil can reach 2 months.

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    Broad-spectrum, hormonal herbicide with good spreadability and systemicity. Commonly used in paddy fields and wheat fields, etc., mainly used to control dicotyledonous weeds, heterosexaceae and certain malignant weeds in gramineous crop fields, such as rhododendron, watercress, trilobata, Polygonum, maidenhair, porpoise Grass, amaranth, quinoa, etc.


    Post-emergence selective herbicide for controlling annual and perennial grass weeds in broad-leaved crop fields

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    N-2,6-Diethylphenylchloroacetamide is an intermediate of the herbicides alachlor, butachlor, and alachlor.


    Intermediate for the production of herbicides. Attributes PIS available, please contact us Contact


    Mecarbam is an organothiophosphate acaricides used to control powdery mildew of cucumbers.

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    Herbicides are agents that can cause weeds to die completely or selectively, also known as herbicides, a class of substances used to eliminate or inhibit plant growth. Commonly used varieties are organic compounds, which can be widely used to control weeds, mixed irrigation, weeds and other harmful plants in farmlands, orchards, flower nurseries, grasslands and non-cultivated land, railway lines, rivers, reservoirs, warehouses, etc. "Herbicide" on Echemi mainly supplies chemicals for herbicides.
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