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Metsulfuron methyl

Metsulfuron methyl is a systemic selective selective wheat field high-efficiency sulfonylurea herbicide. It is another high-efficiency variety developed by DuPont in the United States in 1980 after chlorsulfuron. Its activity is three times higher than that of chlorsulfuron. The mechanism of action of metsulfuron methyl is similar to that of chlorsulfuron, which is absorbed through the roots, leaves and stems of the plant, and is rapidly conducted in the body, inhibiting the activity of acetolactate synthase (ALS), causing the biosynthesis of valine and isoleucine to be blocked, resulting in growth Suppressed and died. After absorption, the resistant crop wheat undergoes benzene ring hydroxylation in the body, and this hydroxylation product quickly forms a conjugate with glucose Chemicalbook, thereby losing activity. Metsulfuron methyl is the most active species among the existing sulfonylurea herbicides. It is suitable for all kinds of soil, pre-emergence soil treatment or post-emergence stem and leaf spraying, mainly to control most broad-leaved weeds in wheat fields, and has a significant inhibitory effect on grass weeds. When soil treatment is carried out under drought conditions, shallow soil after spraying can improve the effect of controlling grass weeds. Because of the poor activity of metsulfuron-methyl on pigs, maidenhair, and bluegrass, the mixed formulation Finesse with chlorsulfuron was prepared. Its influence on the subsequent works and application technology are still under study.


Used for the control of corn, soybean field mono, dicotyledonous weeds; suitable for soybean, rice, wheat and peanuts, pastures, tea gardens, sweet potatoes, etc., used for the control of sand grass and broad-leaved weeds

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This product can be used in the manufacture of medicines, pesticides (Napropamide), etc. 2-Bromopropane is an intermediate of the insecticides fenvalerate, flufenvalerate, propoxur, the fungicide meprosamine, fluoxamide, and the herbicides tetrachloride and saraphos. Used in organic synthesis and pharmaceutical industry

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Bensulfuron methyl

Bensulfuron methyl is a selective systemic conductive herbicide in rice fields, also known as Nongdeshi, rice without grass, and farming. It has low toxicity to humans and animals and low toxicity to fish, birds and bees. Bensulfuron methyl was used to control sedge and broad-leaved weeds in rice fields, and has been used to control broad-leaved weeds in wheat fields. The medicament can be quickly diffused in the Water of Chemicalbook, absorbed by the weed roots and leaves and transferred to various parts, hindering the biosynthesis of branched-chain amino acids. It is used in rice fields to control annual and perennial broad-leaved weeds, sedge weeds, and has poor effects on gramineous weeds. It is safe for wheat, rice and other crops.


Selective pre-emergence and early post-emergence soybean field herbicides, which can effectively control grass weeds such as amaranth, polygonum, velvetleaf, nightshade, cocklebur, foxtail, horsetail

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It has excellent control effect on sage, oats, ryegrass and setaria


Oxadiazon is a selective herbicide for pre-emergence and pre-emergence. It is usually used for soil treatment. Controlling dicotyledonous weeds, especially suitable for removing rice weeds such as barnyardgrass and other broad-leaved annual weeds such as barnyardgrass, thousand-gold, rhododendron, artemisia in the rice field Dwarf aunt, sedge, shaped sedge, sunshine fluttering grass, etc. The medicinal effect lasts for a long time and is harmless. It is also used in soybean, cotton, corn and horticultural crops. Oxadiazon can be made into emulsifiable concentrates, powders, and wettable powders.

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Herbicides are agents that can cause weeds to die completely or selectively, also known as herbicides, a class of substances used to eliminate or inhibit plant growth. Commonly used varieties are organic compounds, which can be widely used to control weeds, mixed irrigation, weeds and other harmful plants in farmlands, orchards, flower nurseries, grasslands and non-cultivated land, railway lines, rivers, reservoirs, warehouses, etc. "Herbicide" on ECHEMI mainly supplies chemicals for herbicides.
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