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Market Analysis- Monthly Report- August, 2021- Hot Products

Echemi 2021-09-13

Market Analysis- Monthly  Report- August, 2021- Hot Products







In August, the intercontinental market was basically down. Due to relatively low demand, the U.S. dollar market was in a stalemate. Crude oil fell in the first half of the year. Although the tension in the Middle East provided some support to the oil market, the travel restrictions imposed for epidemic prevention and the pessimism of China and the United States The economic data from Japan severely affected oil demand.



As of the end of this month, the mainstream transaction of acrylonitrile in Shandong market was at RMB 15050/mt, delivered short distance, up RMB 200/mt compared with last month; the mainstream transaction price in East China port market was at RMB 15050/mt, up RMB 200/mt compared with last month.


Stearic Acid

This month, the domestic stearic acid market steady upward.  During the month, the raw palm oil rose first, then fell, and fluctuated at a high level under the influence of various factors such as output, demand and external vegetable oil market.  External vegetable oil futures rose earlier this month, supporting palm oil.  And the tight supply of palm oil itself, palm oil futures rose choppy.



This month, the whole of the octanol market plummeted, especially before the middle of this month, the market was still a significant shock, the market mainly showed a continuous downward trend, based on plasticizers DOP, DOTP start actually declined, while the factory resistance to octanol rose continued, downstream PVC soft material demand continued to shrink, and the terminal enterprises on plasticizers and other upstream costs continue to resist high, plasticizers market transactions continue to shrink as a whole, factories on octanol also slowed down the frequency of procurement, octanol manufacturers once inventory pressure continued to rise.




In August, the domestic butadiene market price dropped sharply. Although the external price performance was still relatively strong, with the release of new domestic production capacity, market supply pressure increased, and the downstream synthetic rubber market continued to be weak, cost pressures were greater, and profits were inverted.

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