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Chemical Weekly: Open Your Mind to a Whole New World of Chemicals

Echemi 2019-07-08



A weekly trade journal catering to the Indian chemical industry, CHEMICAL WEEKLY has unfailingly served the cause of the chemical industry over the last 60 years. The Weekly offers every Tuesday, a judicious mixture of news, views and market information put together in around 300 pages.

No publication in the industry matches CHEMICAL WEEKLY in the sheer volume of timely business news, in-depth market coverage and strategic advice it delivers to enable readers stay better informed.


1. The most up-do-date news from India and round the globe

2. Government policies and how it can affect your business

3. Latest technological trends

4. Review articles on specific sectors of the industry

5. In-depth profiles on individual chemicals

6. New products & processes

7. Import/Export statistics

8.Market prices of major chemicals, drugs, dyes & intermediates

What a subscription to CHEMICAL WEEKLY gets you

1. 52 issues delivered every week to your doorstep anywhere in the world.

2. Free access to the Web Edition (NewsTrack at, including access to the archives (for more than 12 years) in a searchable database format.

3. Free access to ChemXchange-database of advertisers - where you can locate suppliers and users of your products and services

Our unique access to the chemical industry provides an unsurpassed feel for the pulse of the happenings in the industry. Our Market Intelligence Department can carry out in-depth surveys, involving extensive industry contacts, to precisely gauge the market potential for a chemical or product, you want to introduce into the Indian market.


Chemical Weekly
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Maharashtra, INDIA

Tel.: +91-(0)22-2404 4477
China (Representative)
Beijing Oriental Foreland Consultants Ltd.

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Dongxiaokou, Changping, Beijing 102218

Tel: +86-10-8482 3421


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