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    Port power coal prices are expected to recover steadily

    Echemi 2019-08-23


    In the last half month, the price of power coal in the harbor has been falling continuously. The price of power coal in the harbor around the Bohai Sea has finally stabilized when the market fears that the price of power coal will fall to the bottom.

    According to the guidance price of power coal of today's think tank Feng Mine, on August 16, the FOB guidance price of three northern ports (Caofeidian, Qinhuangdao and Huanghua Port) was 5500 cards 578-579 yuan/ton and 5000 cards 505-506 yuan/ton. Since the price of power coal in Bohai Rim Port began to fall continuously on August 3, there has been a rare momentum of stabilization. Today think tank thought that the spot price of 5500 kcal power coal around Bohai Port would be supported by 570 yuan per ton. Now it is expected to be verified by the market.

    In fact, before the price of power coal around Bohai Sea stabilized, the leading shipping price index has begun to rise continuously. As of August 15, China's Coastal Coal Freight Index continued to rise. The composite index rose 9.73 points to 689.62 points from the previous day. The increase ranged from 0.1 yuan/ton to 0.7 yuan/ton for all routes. The main reason why shipping prices can go up is that market inquiries are increasing, which indicates that there is still a demand for replenishment. At the same time, with the gradual recession of typhoon impact recently, the temperature in coastal areas is also gradually rising, and the demand for civilian electricity has increased significantly. According to the data released in these two days, the daily consumption of the six major thermal power plants along the coast has risen to more than 750,000 tons. The daily consumption announced on August 15 is 76,330,000 tons. Inventories continue to decline to 16,547,800 tons, and coal storage days are less than 22 days. Large state-owned power plants have insufficient power to supply coal for Changxie Coal Reservoir, but the enthusiasm of some private small and medium-sized power plants to purchase coal in the market has begun to increase.

    In addition, according to the forecast of the Central Meteorological Observatory, there will be strong rainfall in the northeast of China in the next 10 days, and the high temperature weather in southern Shaanxi, western Huanghuai, Jianghan, Jiangnan, northern and southern China and Chongqing, etc. It is expected that the daily consumption of power plants will rise slightly or on the current basis, which to some extent is also the power of the port. Coal prices provide some support. Judging comprehensively from, think tanks today believe that power coal around Bohai Port is expected to recover steadily in the past two days, and sellers have begun to show a low-price mentality, especially when the market is rumoured that imported coal will be tightened.

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