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    The imported cosmetics enterprises welcome the advantages of policy and market

    Echemi 2019-11-04


    During the first Expo in 2018, the trade volume of clothing, clothing and consumer goods exhibition area where cosmetics are located reached 3.37 billion US dollars. The countdown to the second China International Import Fair (hereinafter referred to as "the fair") is only a few days away, and exhibitors of various categories are also preparing, including skin care products from all over the world. During the first 2018 China International Fair, the trade volume of clothing, clothing and consumer goods exhibition area where cosmetics are located reached 3.37 billion US dollars. The reporter inquired the Exhibitor List on the official website of the fair and found that L'Oreal, Shiseido, shidanlan, amorepacific, Johnson & Johnson and many other cosmetics enterprises participated in the first fair were on the list, benefiting from the national promotion of the first import of non special cosmetics filing management (hereinafter referred to as "non special filing") policy and the domestic and foreign import of cosmetics. The market time gap has been further narrowed, and the high-end market ushered in a period of high-speed growth.

    During the first China International Fair, the cosmetics area located in the clothing and consumer goods exhibition area shows a state of blooming. Foreign brands have released new technologies, new brands or products to show their own strength and attraction. Behind them are the Chinese beauty cosmetics with rapid growth of consumption upgrading. The market is also a strong force formed by China's digital transformation and e-commerce development. L'Oreal, the largest cosmetics group in China and even in the world, last year brought more than 500 imported products of 21 brands to the Import Expo, and released four first brands in China and one first new product in Asia, showing new retail scenes such as modiface3d virtual makeup technology tools and the latest beauty vending machine. This year, L'Oreal is still the largest exhibitor in the daily chemical industry. In addition to the original 6.1h consumer goods exhibition hall, it will also enter the 6.2h high-end consumer goods exhibition area. This measure echoes the rapid growth of high-end business disclosed by L'Oreal in 2018. According to L'Oreal, this year, L'Oreal is committed to building its booth into the second "the highest quality, the most innovative, the most fun, the most cool and the best to see" booth, bringing more new products, services, new experiences and new ideas to Chinese consumers than the first time. The number of commodities to be exhibited will be twice that of 2018, with more new brands and concepts. With the launch of new products, the "global phenomenon level" experience activities of Armani, Lancome, Saint Laurent and other brands will collectively "land" in the venue, and more subversive beauty technology services and experiences will also be displayed, including the latest global innovation achievements of the group, such as immersive beauty retail experience, and customized technology of skin care products that debut in China for the first time.

    We will gather more than 20 brands and thousands of high-quality imported products from three continents and six countries around the world to bring high-tech, immersive and sustainable new consumption experience to Chinese consumers at our booth. " Fabry, chief executive of L'Oreal China, said. It is understood that L'Oreal, under the leadership of China's chief executive officer as early as the beginning of 2019, established a "standby group" composed of elites from all departments. It has worked closely with the French headquarters team to date, and has received the full support of the Group Management Committee headed by an Gong Xiansheng, chairman and chief executive officer of the group. In January 2019, L'Oreal, as a representative of French enterprises, also supported the roadshow of the second Fair held by the Ministry of Commerce of China in Paris, France, to promote more French enterprises to participate in the second fair.

    The 70 year old South Korean cosmetics company Emory Pacific, has displayed for the first time in the first Expo the forefront of beauty technology such as 3D printing, Internet of things skin detection and custom double lipstick. The company told first finance and economics that this year, it will expand its exhibition lineup in the clothing and consumer goods exhibition area with the theme of "beauty creators in Asia". The number of brands will double. The fair will also be the first place for the company's overseas products to officially land in China. In addition to the snow show, Lanzhi, yueshifengyin, Hera and LV, which appeared last year, it will also take 10 of its subsidiaries this year. More than one famous brand appeared at the same stage to show the trend of Asian cosmetics and convey the concept of intelligent technology skin care to consumers. Both of the above two foreign-funded groups have entered the Chinese market since the 1990s. They have cultivated for many years, and many of their brands have been spread throughout the country, with a very high national level. In addition, there are also a large number of small foreign brands taking the market segmentation route to participate in the Expo, including stenders, a high-end bath brand in northern Europe, which represents the government of Latvia. Before the first Expo, the brand mainly opened stores in domestic high-end department stores and shopping centers, with a total of 132 stores. The offline layout structure is relatively complete, and online mainly relies on traditional e-commerce platforms such as tmall and At the first Expo, Stanley and Sinopec formed a new partner. At present, the supplier cooperation has been signed. In the future, its products will enter the convenience store of Sinopec's gas station. The company disclosed to the first financial reporter that the Expo enhanced the market awareness of the brand and brought more dimensional cognitive customer groups.

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