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    Phosphoric Acid structure

    Phosphoric Acid

    • CAS No:


    • Formula:


    • Synonyms:

      NFB; Phos Acid; FEMA 2900; Phosphoric; Phosphorous Acid; Wc-Reiniger; Sonac; H3PO4; U.N. 1805; Marphos; Evits

    • China Export:

      From 2018.11 to 2019.11, total export volume of Phosphoric Acid from China was 73,729,217KG while total export value was $58,028,950. The biggest proportion of exporting volume in the last 12 months was 20.17% in 2019.07.

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    Phosphoric acid is a colorless, odorless, crystalline solid or a thick syrupy liquid. Physical state is strength and temperature dependent.
    Concentrated phosphoric acid occurs as a colorless, odorless, syrupy liquid. It has a pleasing acid taste when suitably diluted.
    Pure phosphoric acid, also called orthophosphoric acid, is a clear, colorless, mineral acid with moderate strength. It is normally marketed as an aqueous solution of 75–85% in which it exists as a clear, viscous liquid

    Basic Attributes

    • 7664-38-2

    • H3PO4

    • 97.99520

    • 97.97690

    • 87.57000

    • -0.9286

    • 231-633-2


    • 4

    • 3

    • 0


    • Transparent liquid

    • 1.685 g/mL at 25°C(lit.)

    • ~40 °C(lit.)

    • 158 °C(lit.)

    • n20/D 1.433

    • Miscible

    • Storage Room low temperature ventilation drying ,Separate storage with H Pore forming agent、caustic soda

    • Vapour pressure, Pa at 25°C:

    • 3.4 (vs air)

    Safety Information

    • III

    • 8

    • 2809201900

    • UN 3453 8/PG 3

    • 3

    • R34

    • S7-S16-S26-S36/37-S45-S36/37/39-S1/2-S24/25

    • TB6300000

    • C

    • Dry. Well closed. Separated from food and feedstuffs and incompatible materials. See Chemical Dangers. Ventilation along the floor.

    • P280-P303 + P361 + P353-P304 + P340 + P310-P305 + P351 + P338

    • H290-H314

    • Noncombustible Solid

    • ADI 0 to 70 mg / kg (total phosphate content in terms of phosphorus, FAO / WHO, 2001). GRAS (FDA, § 182.1073, 2000). LD501530mg / kg (rat, oral). In case of daily intake of 2 ~ 4 g, it can cause mild diarrhea. The amount of sour agent used as a cola drink is 0.02% to 0.06%.

    Product Usage

    Phosphorous acid is used for reaction with inorganic and organic products, for water treatment, industrial and agricultural uses. It is also used to bleach industrial and cleaning supplies.

    Production Methods

    1. Industrial production methods are wet and heat. The former system of phosphoric acid concentration is low, and contains more impurities, the need for purification. For example, 85% of industrial phosphoric acid has been produced by refining the wet - process phosphoric acid by the extraction system of ketone - alcohol mixture, and the extraction - washing - stripping and barium salt precipitation purification process. The latter phosphoric acid concentration and purity are high, but the power consumption, investment and higher cost. Wet method is the use of acid decomposition of phosphorus ore. This method is divided into sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid and ammonium hydrogen sulfate method. Commonly used sulfuric acid method. Sulfuric acid method due to the reaction temperature and the concentration of phosphoric acid produced in different phosphoric acid solution calcium sulfate crystals in three different forms, according to their production process is divided into "dihydrate" process, "semi-water" process, "anhydrous" process , In recent years there have been "semi-water - dihydrate" process and the "dihydrate - semi-water" process.
    2. wet (sulfuric acid) water dihydrate process will phosphate rock crushed to 80 ~ 100 mesh, adding extraction tank, coupled with light phosphoric acid and acid to maintain the slurry liquid-solid ratio (2.5 to 3.5): 1 (weight ratio), and adjust the phosphoric acid concentration. Sulfuric acid is added to the extraction tank at a theoretical amount of 102% to 104%, and the extraction reaction is carried out at 75-85 DEG C for 4-8 hours. After the reaction of the slurry by filtration, the filtrate is phosphoric acid, the concentration is generally 20% to 25% P2O5, part of the return to adjust the liquid-solid ratio of the extraction tank, the other part sent to evaporate concentration, obtained phosphate products. The residue after repeated washing and discharge, the phosphogypsum used in the manufacture of sulfuric acid raw materials, lotion back to the extraction tank. The hot phosphoric acid production process has acid cooling, water cooling process and jet deaeration process, are described as follows: acid cooling process will be phosphorus phosphorus melting tank in the molten liquid, the phosphorus nozzle to send people to burn the water tower, at the same time The use of compressed air (primary air) to atomize the phosphorus, phosphorus oxidation combustion of phosphorus pentoxide. In order to complete the oxidation of phosphorus, in the top of the tower need to add secondary air. In the tower along the tower wall shower 30 ~ 40 ℃ cycle of phosphoric acid, phosphorus pentoxide gas cooling, and water synthesis of phosphoric acid. The exhaust gas into the electric mist eliminator to recover phosphoric acid, and then cooled to 30 ~ 40 ℃, the majority of recycled phosphoric acid back to the combustion of water tower, a small part of phosphate products. The water-cooling process will melt yellow phosphorus, with the pump to the liquid phosphorus sent to the combustion chamber, while the phosphorus atomized with compressed air, and added secondary air, phosphorus in the combustion chamber for oxidation. The gas temperature was about 800℃, and the temperature was kept at 80 to 125℃ by cooling with water. Gas from the combustion chamber out of the gas into the graphite gas cooler, the gas cooled to 80℃ into the water tower, the tower in three layers of water cooling, and water synthesis of phosphate products. The exhaust gas was cooled to 100℃ or lower and discharged into the atmosphere through an electric mist eliminator. Jet defogging process will be liquid phosphorus phosphorus nozzle through the phosphorus into the combustion tower, at the same time with compressed air atomization of phosphorus, phosphorus pentoxide generated by combustion and water immediately form phosphoric acid mist. The acid mist is cooled by the heat exchanger and sprayed by the mist eliminator. The acid mist collides with the ejector throat and is condensed into large particles and then recovered in the cyclone separator to prepare 85% H3PO4 to obtain the phosphoric acid product.
    3. Preparation method to reduce the heat produced by the industrial phosphoric acid as raw material, heated to 80℃ or so, and then into the hydrogen sulfide gas saturated, sealed standing, the sulfide and lead sulfide precipitation complete filtration. The heated filtrate does not exceed 150 ° C and is evaporated to remove hydrogen sulphide and hydrogen chloride gas and concentrated to a relative density equal to 1.90. To further improve the quality of the first acid can be diluted with water to the relative density of 1.06 or less, filtration, evaporation, concentration to a relative density of 1.70 (20℃), cooling, resulting in a loose water reagent phosphoric acid.
    4. ① yellow phosphorus gasification into the air or superheated steam to oxidation, the formation of phosphorus pentoxide, water absorption, the arsenic derived. ② with nitric acid oxidation of phosphorus derived. ③ tricalcium phosphate (ashes) and sulfuric acid heat together, then decomposition, and filtration,concentrated derived in the end.


    China Phosphoric Acid Export Data

    Data referenced from General Administration of Customs,P.R.China

    2018.11-2019.11 China - America  Phosphoric Acid Export Data

    From 2018.11 to 2019.11, total export volume of Phosphoric Acid from China to America was 112,270KG while total export value was $181,347. The biggest proportion of exporting volume in the last 12 months was 28.67% in 2019.10.

    2018.11-2019.11 China Phosphoric Acid Export Data

    From 2018.11 to 2019.11, total export volume of Phosphoric Acid from China was 73,729,217KG while total export value was $58,028,950. The biggest proportion of exporting volume in the last 12 months was 20.17% in 2019.07.

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