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    Copper structure


    • CAS No:


    • Formula:


    • Synonyms:

      Cu; M3R; M3S; Cum3; Copper; Cda101; Cda102; Cda110; Cda122; Ce1110

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    Reddish brown metal; face-centered cubic crystal; density 8.92 g/cm3; Mohs hardness 2.5 to 3.0; Brinnel hardness 43 (annealed); electrical resistivity 1.71 microhm-cm at 25°C; Poisson's ratio 0.33; melts at 1,083°C; vaporizes at 2,567°C; insoluble in water; dissolves in nitric acid and hot sulfuric acid; slightly soluble in hydrochloric acid; also soluble in ammonium hydroxide, ammonium carbonate and potassium cyanide solutions. Copper is a reddish-brown metal which occurs free or in ores, su

    Basic Attributes

    • 7440-50-8

    • Cu

    • 63.54600

    • 62.92960

    • 0

    • -0.00250

    • 231-159-6


    • 0

    • 0

    • 0


    • Reddish lustrous malleable odorless metallic solid.

    • 8.92

    • 1083ºC

    • 2595ºC

    • -23ºC

    • Insoluble

    • 2-8ºC

    • 0 mmHg (approx)

    • Stable. Incompatible with strong acids, active halogen compounds, chlorine, fluorine, iodine, bromine, ammonia. May react explosively with strong oxidizing agents.

    Safety Information

    • III

    • 4.1

    • 7402000090

    • UN 1325/1587/3089

    • 3

    • R11

    • S16

    • GL5325000

    • F

    • See Chemical Dangers.

    • P210-P273

    • H228-H410

    • Noncombustible Solid in bulk form, but powdered form may ignite.

    • LD50 intraperitoneal in mouse: 3500ug/kg

    Product Usage

    It is a material used in the electronics industry and used as a high-purity analytical reagent. Used in powder metallurgy parts, diamond saw blades, friction materials, electric carbon products and chemical catalysts, etc.; used as analytical reagents, catalysts, and reducing agents; used as ordinary reagents, catalysts and reducing agents; mainly used as raw materials in the copper smelting industry Used as a raw material for smelting and electrolytic copper; mainly used to make conductive equipment and alloys (bronze, brass, cupronickel, etc.); used as a reducing agent for teaching reagents; copper salt preparation; catalyst (powder); alloy; electroplating; reagent , Alloy, electroplating.

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