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The list of the top 25 European paint companies in 2020 is released

ECHEMI 2020-05-22

"European Coatings Magazine" recently announced the list of Europe's 25 Largest Coating Manufacturers in 2020. The list is based on the company's coatings sales revenue in 2019. The production companies on the list are headquartered in Europe. The companies on the list generated a total of 23.6 billion euros in sales in 2019.

Although the list remains stable in most cases, especially among the top ten companies, there are still major changes. Due to the acquisition, some companies such as Helios or J.W. Ostendorf are no longer part of the list. In addition, Betek Boya is no longer included in this year's list because the Turkish company was acquired by Nippon Paint in the first half of 2019.

The reporter noted that Akzo Nobel, BASF, Jordan, Haihong Seniors, and DAW ranked in the top five on the list. There was no change in the ranking compared with last year, but there was a huge change in sales revenue. Among them, Jordan's sales revenue on last year's list was 1.839 billion euros, but this year it has dropped to 1.670 billion euros, a year-on-year decrease of 10.12% or 169 million euros.

But in fact, according to the financial report, Jordan achieved sales revenue of 19.652 billion kroner in 2019, which is about 1.896 billion euros (about 2.229 billion US dollars), an increase of 11% year-on-year in terms of Norwegian krone. It is unclear whether it was due to exchange rate conversion problems that caused the decrease in income or for other reasons.

Another company on the list with a relatively large increase in sales revenue is Haihong Old Man. The company's sales revenue on the list last year was 1.346 billion euros, and this year it rose to 1.534 billion euros, an increase of 12.26% or 188 million euros. According to the financial report, Haihong Old Man achieved sales revenue of 1.534 billion euros in 2019, an increase of 14% year-on-year.

The magazine said that 60% of the companies on the list are headquartered in German-speaking countries. The largest number of companies from Germany, Austria and Switzerland are on the list, with 15 (60%). The total turnover is 8.85 billion euros, equivalent to 37.5% of the total 23.6 billion euros. However, in terms of turnover, the Netherlands is the most important country. The turnover of AkzoNobel Group alone exceeds the total of 15 DACH companies on the list.

The magazine said that the strong turnover from Scandinavia. Although the Nordic countries with five companies represent far fewer companies, the turnover of companies from Denmark, Finland and Norway totals 4.4 billion euros. Compared with the first place in 2016 (based on the turnover in 2015), Jordan, Norway and Teknos, Finland have developed significantly. Jordan has increased its turnover by 538 million euros in five years. The number of employees and the number of production bases have only increased slightly.

Teknos achieved strong expansion through acquisition. The turnover has increased by more than 100 million euros. The number of employees has increased by 30% and the production base has doubled. Last year, Hempel was able to increase its turnover substantially, thanks to its acquisition of J.W. Ostendorf in Germany and Crowne in the UK. However, this can only make up for sales losses in previous years. At the same time, the number of employees has also increased significantly.

AkzoNobel (AkzoNobel) sales in particular fell sharply, because the company divested the specialty chemicals division now operating under the name Nouryon. Now, the number of employees has decreased significantly, offsetting this effect. However, the coatings business is now lower than five years ago, from about 10 billion euros to just under 9.3 billion euros.

French manufacturer Cromology also suffered significant losses in the coatings business. Although the company has stable group sales, the coatings business has almost halved in recent years.

Since not all companies have uniform annual financial statements, some companies will also be listed by sales from 2018. For paint manufacturers headquartered outside the euro zone, sales have been converted to euros. Our ranking is based on the turnover generated by coatings. Sales from other business units are included in group sales, but are not used for ranking.

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