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    2018 NDSU Coatings Short Course

    Coatings World 2018-05-29

    Time: June 10 - 15, 2018

    Location: Fargo, North Dakota

    The 2018 NDSU Coatings Short Course will be offered starting on Sunday, June 10 and goes until Friday June 15 in the department of Coatings and Polymeric Materials on the NDSU campus in Fargo.

    The short course is designed to help someone new to the paint and coatings world, with a comprehensive discussion of the basic principles. For experienced practitioners,the short course offers a broad perspective and more fundamental understanding of coatings science. The course is taught by experts from industry as well as NDSU’s professors. Laboratory demonstrations are included to illustrate the concepts from the lectures.

    There are many opportunities to ask about particular problems and practical issues.

    Topics taught include:

    >> Polymers used in coatings;

    >> Epoxy resins;

    >> Polyurethanes;

    >> Solvents/solvent evaporation;

    >> Pigments and dispersion;

    >> Corrosion protection;

    >> Film formation;

    >> Rheology;

    >> Additives

    The course is offered when the summer in Fargo is at its friendliest with a host of things to do in free time. Hector International Airport (FAR) is served by Delta, United, American etc. and is very close to the NDSU campus and the city. The downtown Radisson has reserved lodging for those coming to the course, with transportation provided by NDSU.

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