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    Top 30 best-selling oncology drugs in the world in 2020

    Echemi 2021-02-26

    In 2020, oncology will still be the disease area that "sucks the most money". According to the product sales data disclosed by various pharmaceutical companies, the global oncology drug market in 2020 will exceed 150 billion U.S. dollars, of which the sales revenue of the best-selling TOP30 oncology drugs totals 114.4 billion US dollars, accounting for more than 70%.

    Merck’s Keytruda topped the list of oncology drugs with a revenue of US$14.38 billion, an increase of 30% year-on-year, and is currently the second-highest product in global sales after Humira. Keytruda's 2021 performance still has a huge amount of free space, and it is expected to exceed US$20 billion in the next two years.


    Bristol-Myers Squibb's Revlimid (lenalidomide) global sales reached 12.106 billion U.S. dollars in 2020, an increase of 11.8% from last year's 10.823 billion U.S. dollars. It is the champion of small molecule drug sales in 2020 and is also close to the previous Pfizer Liptor ( Atorvastatin) set a record of US$12.888 billion in sales of small molecule drugs. Because Celgene had previously reached a patent settlement with Natco and Dr. Reddy, lenalidomide generic drugs appeared in the US market as early as March 2022, and Revlimid sales may reach a new high, setting a new global sales record for small molecule drugs.


    In addition, Bristol-Myers Squibb also has Opdivo, Pomalyst (pomalidomide), Sprycel (dasatinib), Yervoy (ipilimumab), and Abraxane (albumin paclitaxel) that have entered the TOP30. The luxurious lineup of these products makes BMS's oncology business reach USD 28.419 billion (+118.4%) in 2020, temporarily surpassing Roche and becoming the global leader in oncology drugs.


    Imbruvica (Ibruvica) ranked third. The combined global sales revenue of Johnson & Johnson and AbbVie was US$9.442 billion, an increase of 16.8% over 2019, which means that another tens of billions of dollars will be born soon. Ibrutinib was launched in 2013 and is the world's first listed BTK inhibitor. It has been approved for 6 indications: chronic lymphocytic leukemia, small lymphocytic lymphoma, mantle cell lymphoma, Waldenstrom's macroglobulinemia Diseases, graft-versus-host disease and marginal zone lymphoma, and another 10 indications are under development.


    Pfizer's Ibrance (Pipecillil), as the world's first listed CDK4/6 inhibitor, ranked No. 5 with sales of 5.392 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 8.7% from 2019, and the growth rate was significantly lower than that of 2019. It was challenged by Eli Lilly and Absilli (2020 sales of US$913 million, +57%) and Novartis Posilli (2020 sales of US$687 million, +43%).


    Roche Avastin (bevacizumab) ranked sixth with sales of US$5.321 billion, a 25% decrease from 2019, mainly due to the impact of biosimilar drugs. In addition, Roche HER2 monoclonal antibody Perjeta (pertuzumab), Herceptin (trastuzumab), and CD20 monoclonal antibody MabThera/Rituxan (rituximab), PD-L1 monoclonal antibody Tecentriq (atelizumab) Monoclonal antibody), HER2 antibody conjugated drug Kadcyla (Enmetrastuzumab) is also on the list. Because of the face of product upgrading, Roche's oncology drug business in 2020 has been surpassed by BMS in the report card by a small gap, but with its strong family reserves, Roche still firmly holds a leading position in the oncology drug market.


    AstraZeneca Tagrisso (Ochinib) ranked seventh with sales of 4.328 billion U.S. dollars. This is an increase of 36% compared to the US$3.189 billion in 2019. In addition, AstraZeneca's PD-L1 monoclonal antibody Imfinzi (duvalizumab) and PARP inhibitor Lynparza (olaparib) ranked 20th and 24th with sales of US$2.042 billion and US$1.776 billion, respectively.

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