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    Will the new whitening ingredient "Tranexamic acid" catch fire in 2021?

    Echemi 2021-03-17

    For a long time, "whitening" has been the focus of domestic female users.


    Nowadays, common cosmetic whitening ingredients on the market include niacinamide, VC, arbutin, fruit acid, glutathione, etc. Among them, niacinamide and VC are more famous.


    However, in recent times, the whitening ingredient "Tranexamic acid" has quietly emerged. On Douyin, Kuaishou, and Xiaohongshu, beauty KOLs attached personal experience to recommend the ingredients of tranexamic acid, which attracted great attention in the ingredient party.


    "Tranexamic acid" is also called tranexamic acid or tranexamic acid. It is an anti-fibrinolytic proteolytic amino acid and one of the commonly used anticoagulant drugs in clinical practice. It is mainly used for various bleeding caused by hyperfibrinolysis. It is also suitable for organ trauma or bleeding prevention before surgery that is rich in plasminogen activating substances, such as lung, uterus, adrenal gland, thyroid, etc.


    Until 1979, when a Japanese doctor was treating a patient with urticaria, he accidentally discovered that tranexamic acid seemed to reduce the patient's chloasma. After clinical verification, the hypothesis that tranexamic acid does have whitening and lightening effects is proved. At present, oral tranexamic acid is an important method to treat melasma and other pigment diseases.


    According to research, the effect of tranexamic acid on melatoning and removing spots is about 50 times higher than that of VC and about 10 times that of fruit acid. The whitening effect is very significant.


    Tranexamic acid is used in cosmetics and is mainly reflected in the effects of "removing dark circles, removing bags under the eyes, whitening and removing spots, and preventing rough skin from aging".


    The efficacy of tranexamic acid has attracted the attention of cosmetics companies. After a large number of clinical tests, Shiseido of Japan began to use "tranexamic acid" in its whitening and spot-lightening products. Tranexamic acid and 4 -MSK (sodium 4-methoxysalicylate) is the core ingredient of its whitening and spot-lightening products. Its whitening HAKU series of products are extremely popular with consumers. The formula of this series of products contains tranexamic acid. It plays an important role in inhibiting skin melanin and whitening.


    Another well-known beauty brand Xiu Li Ke, its best-selling whitening and glowing essence is made of 3% tranexamic acid, 5% niacinamide, 1% kojic acid, 5% sulfonic acid and other important ingredients. As a result, propaganda can eliminate 60% of stubborn stains in multiple directions. This is tested internally by the L'Oréal Group. The company chooses between the ages of 25-60 and 48-55 users with dark spots and skin quality problems. After 12 weeks of using the product, the skin problems can be improved by an average of 60%, so it can be seen The effect of tranexamic acid in whitening and freckle removal is evident.


    According to the "2017-2022 China Whitening Market Monitoring and Forecast Report" released by an authoritative organization, more than 80% of female consumers aged 20-50 have whitening needs. The scale of China's whitening consumer market is nearly 66 billion yuan per year. "Whitening" has become a rigid demand of female consumers.


    After international whitening products containing tranexamic acid have caused repercussions in China, domestic cosmetics companies followed suit, and tranexamic acid has also become popular in the domestic beauty market. Tranexamic acid whitening ingredients may become a new trend in 2021.

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