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Market penetration of high-temperature nylon materials has increased! Bio-based PA10T is expected to replace imports!

Echemi 2021-07-20

There are many members in the nylon family. Among them, semi-aromatic high temperature nylon is formed by polycondensation of aliphatic diamine (diacid) and aromatic diacid (diamine), which not only retains the excellent mechanical properties, friction resistance and organic resistance of traditional nylon Solvent performance, and with the introduction of benzene ring, its heat resistance is greatly improved, and the water absorption rate is significantly reduced. Polydecane terephthalamide (PA10T) is a new type of semi-aromatic high-temperature resistant nylon and the only bio-based semi-aromatic nylon currently synthesized.


Brief introduction of semi-aromatic high temperature nylon PA10T


PA10T is a semi-aromatic polyamide formed by polycondensation and polymerization of terephthalic acid and decane diamine as monomers. It has good rigidity, heat resistance, dimensional stability, processing performance and low water absorption, and is widely Used in automotive, electronic appliances, aerospace, LED, military and chemical industry, plumbing and other fields.


In addition, PA10T has rich sources of raw materials, mature terephthalic acid technology, and abundant market supply. In addition to being obtained from petroleum, decanediamine can also be derived from natural castor oil. my country is rich in castor and castor oil production. Abundant, therefore, PA10T is also a kind of bio-based material, which has important environmental protection significance.


Global high temperature nylon production capacity overview


OFweek statistics show that the global high-temperature nylon production in 2020 will be about 160,000 tons, and the compound growth rate will reach 7.78% from 2016 to 2020. "China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Observation" data shows that foreign semi-aromatic nylon production capacity exceeds 150,000 tons/year, domestic production capacity is about 16,000 tons/year, mainly from the PA10T products of Kingfa Technology.


Among the semi-aromatic nylons, the commercialization of PA6T, PA9T, and PA10T products is relatively mature. Among them, PA10T is a high-temperature nylon material with superior comprehensive performance in the current commercialization.


my country’s demand for semi-aromatic nylon will grow by more than 10% from 2016 to 2020. In 2020, the demand will reach 33,000 tons. Among them, electronics and automobile consumption market accounted for more than 85%. The rapid development of the electronics industry and high-temperature nylon in the automotive sector The increase in penetration rate is the main driving force for the growth of its demand. According to the "China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Observation" forecast, my country's demand for semi-aromatic nylon will maintain a growth rate of more than 8% in the next five years, and will reach 50,000 tons by 2025.


Domestic high-temperature nylon PA10T production enterprises accelerate their layout


The current global high-temperature nylon production technology is mastered by a few international giants, including DuPont, Solvay, Evonik, Arkema, DSM, Imans, Mitsubishi Chemical, Kuraray, etc.


The consumption of high-temperature nylon in my country relies heavily on imports, and the dependence on imports is as high as 70%. However, domestic enterprises in my country have also achieved breakthroughs in high-temperature nylon products. Kingfa Technology is the first company in the world to realize the industrialization of 5,000 tons/year of PA10T. The PA10T/PA6T synthetic resin project with an annual output of 10,000 tons is expected to be put into production in stages in July 2021, and the semi-aromatic nylon production capacity will reach 15,000 tons/ year. Domestic PA10T is mainly used to replace imported materials in high-end LED reflector brackets (reflective cups). After several years of development, Kingfa Technology has become a large supplier of LED bracket materials. In addition, Jieshijie, Wison, Youju New Materials, and Shandong Anyan New Materials are also accelerating the deployment of high-temperature nylon PA10T. With the release of domestic PA10T production capacity, it is expected to replace imported high-temperature nylon.


Under the strategic goal of global carbon neutrality, bio-based PA10T is becoming a research hotspot in the current market. In addition, the rapid development of aerospace, military industry, automotive lightweighting and electronics industries has put forward higher requirements for the heat resistance and strength of polymer materials. Under the general trend of high-end technology independence, the domestic deployment of PA10T and other high-temperature nylon fields ahead of schedule Of companies may usher in opportunities.

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