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2021 87th API China will be held in this October

reed sinopharm 2021-10-19

API China was founded in 1968. It is the oldest exhibition in the field of pharmaceutical and health care products in China, and it is also the preferred platform for many international brands to explore the Chinese market. Over the years, Rousselot, Colorcon, Sanofi, Stratofan, Merck, Sartorius, SCHOTT, NEG, Corning, Concord Fermentation, Fuji, Ajinomoto, Evonik, DSM, Pall Internationally well-known companies such as life sciences have met many high-quality Chinese customers and partners through participating in APIChina.

Rapidly expand business in the Chinese market

The preferred platform for international brands to explore China's pharmaceutical and health products market-API China has now developed into the preferred platform for international companies to explore the Chinese pharmaceutical industry market in China and to deepen the Chinese pharmaceutical industry.

The 86th sister API China held more than 30 conferences and forums, which covered hot topics in domestic and foreign pharmaceuticals and health and nutrition. The conference is rich in content, including solid preparations, liquid preparations, inhalation preparations, medical services, new drug research and development, pharmaceutical engineering, green pharmaceuticals, quality enhancement, safe production, and compatibility in the four major sectors of chemical pharmaceuticals, biopharmaceuticals, veterinary drugs, and traditional Chinese medicine. Hot topics such as sex testing and statistical information in today's industry! Nearly 100 experts from CDE, China National Inspection Institute, Pharmacopoeia Commission, various drug control institutes, experts from national industry associations, and leaders from well-known pharmaceutical companies gave live speeches.

2021 API China x Echemi Virtual Business Matching

The Cloud Business Matching Meeting was held for the first time during the 86th API China. The event relied on a new digital interactive form to realize the online and offline two-way linkage of global buyers and sellers. Many overseas buyers from Uruguay, Malaysia, Ukraine, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and other countries and regions were invited to the exhibition site. Many domestic pharmaceutical industry manufacturers in many countries have one-on-one, face-to-face negotiations. Provide online negotiation channels and opportunities for foreign buyers who cannot reach the API China2021 exhibition site, and create a new mechanism for domestic and overseas business cooperation across time and regions!

2021 API China x Echemi Virtual Business Matching has covered overseas demand for more than 140 products, including APIs, intermediates, veterinary drugs, plant extracts, and auxiliary materials, attracted 30+ exhibitors to participate in online supply and demand negotiations. As the epidemic still affects international trade and life, this event not only attracted the enthusiastic participation of overseas buyers and API China exhibitors, but also brought new business opportunities to the exchange of supply and demand between the two sides on the spot, and helped domestic companies to international trade.

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