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Bio Asia Pacific 2022

Bio Asia Pacific 2021-12-29

Bio Asia Pacific is the new leading conference and exhibition platform for Biotechnology, Life Sciences and Smart Health in Asia Pacific. Bio Asia Pacific is focusing on innovative therapeutics and healthcare services blending 21st century Life Sciences with latest in technology. Experience thought leadership and cutting-edge products in Life Sciences, Bio Tech, Med Tech, Digital Health, Precision Medicine, Biopharma and Smart Health Services in an inspiring event format.

Bio Asia Pacific will be held in Sep 14-16,2022 in Bangkok, Thailand.

VNU Asia Pacific in collaboration with Science and Technology Trade Association and the Center of Excellence for Life Sciences (Public Organization) reveals the success of the event Thailand LAB INTERNATIONAL 2021 and FutureCHEM INTERNATIONAL 2021, which will be held between 27-29 October 2021 through a fully online platform for the first time due to the epidemic situation of the COVID-19 past By the beginning of September Bio Asia Pacific 2021 will be held through a fully online platform as well. by receiving feedback from people in the scientific laboratory equipment industry life science and chemical industry Pay attention to visit exhibitions and online meetings a lot. There were 7,737 visitors from 34 countries around the world, divided into 5,613 visitors, who attended more than 33 meetings and seminars through 130 experts from various government and private sectors. as well as having visitors to the exhibition online Through virtual booths up to 2,124, which is another factor in connecting manufacturers and buyers in the industry, while Bio Asia Pacific welcomed more than 2,707 delegates, divided into 2,156 participants for the symposium. It can be called another year that continues to prove that The development of the industry in this field never stops and there is a need to bring new technologies and innovations. from both domestic and foreign manufacturers for research and development as well as the development of industrial production.

Thailand LAB & FutureCHEM INTERNATIONAL 2021 has successfully held a full virtual event, attracting more than 7,737 exhibitors from 34 countries!

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