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    ABRAFATI 2017: Adding Value to the Coatings Supply Chain

    10Times 2017-09-07

    As the largest coatings industry event in Latin America and one of the most important of its kind around the world, ABRAFATI 2017 (Congress and Suppliers Exhibition) is going to bring together those businesses and professionals that are most representative of the supply chain. With the activities involved and the results it will deliver to participants, the trade show is going to contribute to adding value to the industry and its products, moving it forward and expanding the recognition of its importance by the consumer market and society alike.

    Current and future demands from the coatings supply chain and users of their products will be under discussion, as innovations are introduced which will contribute to evolutionary leaps and enhance the perceived benefits of using paints and coatings.

    The current state of the most relevant research efforts and the most innovative solutions will be in the spotlight at the Congress, whose extensive, high-quality program will be complemented and expanded by the introduction, at the Exhibition, of the industry’s latest launches and developments in terms of raw materials, equipment, technologies and services. All of that being imbued by the concern with sustainability - key in the coatings industry.

    Allowing attendees to view and learn about the paths being followed by the paint and coatings industry, the three-day event is going to be an ideal occasion to get to know, discuss and turn the coatings of the future into reality, which future is already under construction based on the main demands from the marketplace and society concerning those coatings: sustainability, multi-functionality, quality, and high performance.

    By bringing together the most relevant global players and thousands of skilled professionals, ABRAFATI 2017 is going to create ideal conditions for the industry to continue paving the way for its permanent evolution. At the same time, it’s going to provide an opportunity for emphasizing everything that coatings represent for the products, facilities and surfaces to which they are applied, from added value, protection and preservation to beautification, renovation and differentiation.

    Boosting technological innovation and the development of increasingly sustainable solutions, the trade show is going to create a variety of opportunities for the industry to evolve, for interaction among all different steps of the supply chain and for stimulating business. Accordingly, the role it plays goes far beyond that of any congress and exhibition: it’s about boosting growth in the coatings supply chain and keeping it on track for sustainable development in the industry.



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