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    ABRAFATI 2017: Seek South America Potential Market with Echemi

    Echemi 2017-09-11

    Time: Oct 3-5, 2017 

    Address: São Paulo, Brazil

    Echemi Booth: No. 186 


    ABTAFATI 2017

    As the largest coatings industry event in Latin America and one of the most important of its kind around the world, ABRAFATI 2017 (Congress and Suppliers Exhibition) is going to bring together those businesses and professionals that are most representative of the supply chain. With the activities involved and the results it will deliver to participants, the trade show is going to contribute to adding value to the industry and its products, moving it forward and expanding the recognition of its importance by the consumer market and society alike.


    ABRAFATI 2017

    By being held simultaneously, the Congress and Exhibition will create great conditions for professionals of the industry to interact and discuss new possibilities. As a result, in the course of the three-day event, they will be able to understand where the coatings industry is heading, and at the same time the trade show will provide a variety of opportunities to make business more dynamic.


    ABRAFATI 2017 is the most acknowledged coatings event in Latin America. It is a professional exhibition, offering business contacts and business opportunities:

    > Reach a huge target market all at once.

    > Raise awareness of your products or services and improve company recognition.

    > Test and launch new products with instant feedback.

    > Meet your clients face-to-face in a unique environment.

    > Connect with many new customers at the same time.

    > Build partnership and new alliances.

    Exhibitor Profile: 

    ABRAFATI will have exhibitors who are manufacturers, producers and distributors of a wide range of products and technologies that relate to the coatings industry including raw materials, packaging machineries and containers and handling equipments, filling equipments devices for coatings quality control and solution analysis and various other professionals related to this sector.

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