On Echemi
Chinese Polyester Resin Market
Import and Export
The polyester resin industry experienced severe challenges in 2018.The market for bulk raw materials was uncertain, and the downstream terminal market continued to be depressed.These factors maked a great change in the industrial chain.Especially as upstream raw material of polyester resin,it has brought us different surprises in 2018.
MDI Fell after Crazy
From 2014 to mid-2018, MDI experienced a sharp rise and fall in the Chinese market. It experienced a historical trough in 2015, and a period of sharp decline in 2017.The contradiction of overcapacity broke out in 2015 and reached a historical low in October.Chinese manufacturers were beginning to realize the importance of strategic alliances.Forms improved in 2016 and peaked in 2017.But with the impact of Dow's Saudi imports and the launch of Shanghai Lianheng Phase II, prices fell sharply in 2018.
Market Quotation of Diethylene
In 2018, diethylene glycol market did not continue the strong pattern of the previous two years.At the beginning of the year, the market for diethylene glycol reached a deep bottom, which traumatized diethylene glycol.At the end of the year, high inventories continued to depress the market.Under supply pressure, it was difficult for the market to follow Ethylene Glycol, which has led to large fluctuations and weakened speculative intention of intermediaries. The overfall of the market in the middle of the fourth quarter has brought the market mentality to the bottom.
Sino-US Trade Relations Affect the Import
and Export of Ethanol
In 2018, China's production capacity of edible and industrial ethanol has exceeded 13 million tons.Corn alcohol increased significantly as expected, and maintained increasing potential in the follow-up.The supply of cassava alcohol has gone down sharply.The adjustment of raw material supply and pricing has brought new shocks to the Chinese market.The ethanol industry in synthetic industry has been cooling down, and profit has become a bottleneck restricting the development of the industry. In addition, the State Council has set the layout of fuel ethanol and expanded the scope of promotion of ethanol and gasoline.
The Price of Methanol is
in the High Range
In 2018, methanol prices in China were obviously affected by multiple factors in a high range compared with previous years. The strong performance of methanol prices could not be separated from the transmission of profits in the industrial chain. The downstream profit support promoted the continued high level of methanol.
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