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    2021 U.S. NPE Plastic Exhibition will be held in May

    Echemi 2020-07-27

    Exhibition situation
    Time: May 17-21, 2021
    Country: United States
    Exhibition location: Orange County Convention Center, Orlando
    Organization: American Plastics Industry Association

    Exhibition Introduction

    The American International Plastics Exhibition (NPE) is the largest and oldest plastic exhibition in the United States and the second largest plastics industry event in the world. Since 1946, it has been held every three years. Today, NPE has maintained steady growth in terms of exhibitors, exhibition area, scale, and the number of visitors. The American International Plastics Exhibition (NPE) is hosted by the American Plastics Industry Association (SPI). The Association (SPI) was established in 1937 and is the third largest manufacturing industry association in the United States. The members of the American Plastics Industry Association (SPI) come from the entire supply chain of the plastics industry, including processors, machinery and equipment manufacturers, and raw material suppliers. NPE2021 will bring together top talents in the fields of facility management, operations, plastic engineering and design, research, recycling and sustainable development, business development and executive leadership to transform and promote product innovation. At the NPE exhibition, you will have the opportunity to expand your market share and establish contacts with more than 55,000 potential high-quality customers. Participate in global events that combine the digital world with face-to-face interaction. Whether you are showing the latest technology or the next generation of thinkers in the recruitment industry, NPE is a show you can't miss.

    Exhibitors scope

    Plastic machinery and equipment, additives and auxiliary materials, molds and accessories for rubber and plastic processing, rubber and plastic products, plastic packaging machinery and accessories, molding machines, molding machine parts, auxiliary equipment, plastic and rubber processing, recycling equipment, welding technology equipment , Production equipment, testing equipment, molds, semi-finished products and finished products, plastic recycling equipment, workshop equipment and equipment, business services and media, OEM services, etc.;

    Raw materials, chemicals and additives, plastic packaging machinery and technology, equipment and services, machinery and equipment pretreatment and recycling machinery and equipment processing, post-processing equipment, machinery and finishing, printing and marking, welding machines, molds, auxiliary equipment, Measuring, control and testing equipment, components, semi-finished products, technical components and reinforced plastics, plastic finished products, services;

    Materials: raw materials, coatings, colorants, plastic additives and auxiliary agents, plastic synthetic materials, aluminum foil materials, medical materials and fishing gear materials, rubber and plastic products, molds and accessories for rubber and plastic processing, chemical raw materials and additives for rubber and plastic processing And auxiliary materials, etc. Raw materials, additives; mechanical equipment, automation systems; peripheral equipment, parts and components; molds, dies; finished and semi-finished products; measuring tools, adjustment devices, automation systems; hardware, software; environmental protection and recycling, industrial and personnel safety; scientific research achievement project contracting And business services.

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