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    An explosion occurred in a grease factory in Sheyang, Yancheng, Jiangsu

    Echemi 2020-09-16

    At about 6 am on September 15th, an explosion occurred in a grease factory in Panwan Town, Sheyang County, Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province. A huge tank was flying into a rice field 50 meters away from the factory. The accident caused a cleaner face. Slightly burned.

    The reporter learned that the factory where the explosion occurred was named Xinjuyi Grease Technology Co., Ltd., Panwan Town, Sheyang County. When the reporter rushed to the scene, the gate of the factory was closed and security guards prevented the reporter from entering.

    The surrounding villagers told reporters that this factory was originally a certain grain and oil technology company, which went bankrupt several years ago. Later, someone rented the factory about three years ago. At around six o'clock this morning, everyone heard a loud noise in the factory.

    The reporter saw the flying tank in a farmland on the west side of the factory fence. The tank body was about 50 meters away from the wall. The tank body smashed into a deep hole in the rice field, and part of the window glass of the factory broke.

    According to an on-site staff member, the initial cause was that the steam pipe exploded and no open flame occurred. At present, only one cleaner had minor burns on his face. The specific cause of the explosion is under investigation.

    At 11:30 on the morning of September 15, Panwan Town, Sheyang County sent a notice to reporters: "After on-site inspection by public security, market, and safety supervision departments, it was located in Yancheng City, Xinwo Village, Panwan Town at 6 o'clock that day. A 45mm diameter outdoor branch pipe welded joint of Xinjuyi Grease Technology Co., Ltd. broke. The steam leaked and caused a minor scald on the face of a neighboring cleaner. After the outpatient treatment of the health center, he was discharged from the hospital, causing an economic loss of about 800 yuan. The company has been ordered to suspend business for rectification, and related facilities and equipment have undergone comprehensive inspection and maintenance."

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