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    The price of ginger exported to Europe increased by 40%

    Echemi 2021-01-08

    Affected by the early harvest, the quality of the first batch of turmeric sent to overseas markets was not satisfactory, and some even had blackheads, and the surface of the ginger was not very beautiful. At present, this batch of yellow ginger has been digested in overseas markets, and the quality of the ginger recently sent and arrived in overseas markets has returned to normal.

    "At present, our order volume and export volume are relatively stable, but the biggest problem is the shortage of containers. Refrigerated containers can be said to be hard to find. The price from Chinese ports to European ports is usually around US$2,000/container, and it has risen to 9,000. The US dollar per cabinet is nearly four times higher than normal." Manager Chen said. “In terms of prices, due to the low inventory last year, the supply exceeds demand, leading to price increases. In general, the price of turmeric has risen by 20% compared with the same period last year. The export price to the Netherlands this week is around US$2,300/ton. In general, the recent Prices for exports to Europe have increased by about 40% over the same period last year."

    “From the perspective of order volume, since December last year, the export volume of Chinese ginger has increased sharply. Last year’s export volume set a record in recent years. The reason is mainly due to the outbreak of the public crisis and the market The demand for ginger with health benefits is intensifying.” However, the increase in ocean freight has virtually increased competition with other ginger exporting countries. Manager Chen said, “Affected by the increase in shipping prices, there are indeed some overseas traders Peru imports. However, the production of Peruvian ginger is much lower than that of Chinese ginger, and the local area is still suffering from the public crisis. There are also inconvenience factors. On the whole, although Peruvian ginger has caused some impact, it will not pose a threat to China’s exports."

    When talking about the expectation for the later period of ginger this season, Manager Chen said, “Although the ginger has a high yield this season, due to the influence of the weather, the moisture content of ginger is large, and a considerable part of the product is of poor quality and is perishable. It is expected that in the second half of the year, some of the inventory will be consumed. , There will be a shortage of supply in the market, and prices will rise.

    The new ginger for the new season will be sown in March. The planting area this season should increase significantly. This is mainly due to the fact that the price of ginger has risen for two consecutive years, and farmers are optimistic about the city of ginger. For this reason, they hope to expand output and increase profits.

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