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    UTECH Congress 2017


    In 2017 the Polyurethanes Automotive Conference will form an essential part of the UTECH calendar and will take place at the Hotel Novotel, Amsterdam City, The Netherlands on the 12-13 October.

    The automotive industry is challenging its suppliers to save weight, increase comfort, improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions. The polyurethane industry is well placed to provide answers along the supply chain from raw material suppliers, to systems houses, component makers and Tier 1 suppliers.

    The Conference will address:

    Automotive industry trends and their impact on polyurethanes

    Fuel efficiency/emissions and lightweighting opportunities with polyurethane

    Sustainable technology and greener automotive solutions in flexible applications

    Growing the market for automotive polyurethane composites

    Improving performance, and customer satisfaction while meeting future emission targets

    How to convince automotive firms to change from existing materials to polyurethane for traditional components

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