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Dexin announces strategic investment in Swedencare as pet food prospects grow


Symrise AG recently announced that it has agreed to make a strategic investment in Swedencare, a Swedish multinational supplier of pet health products.


Swedencare is in the process of raising additional capital, and Symrise's investment will be part of the additional capital. The investment has been unanimously approved by Swedencare and its management. Upon completion, DZX will hold a total of 5.06% of Swedencare's share capital.


Swedencare is a multinational company providing health products for cats, dogs and horses. Its product portfolio includes an all-natural oral care dietary supplement that is patented in more than 30 countries worldwide. There are also a variety of grooming products and other dietary supplements for joint and mobility enhancement.


We are looking forward to being a strategic shareholder in Swedencare to support this fast-growing business," said Heinz Jürgen Bertram, CEO of Dexin. Swedencare shares our passion for pet food solutions, which is impressive. With the trend of pet ownership growing rapidly in many markets, owners are choosing to provide their beloved pets with the best products to keep them healthy. swedencare's business is very profitable, has a diverse product offering and has international recognition."

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