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Market Analysis- Monthly Report- October, 2021- Hot Products

Echemi 2021-11-05

Market Analysis- Monthly Report- October, 2021- Hot Products 






In October, the domestic butanone market rose sharply. After the National Day holiday, driven by the rise in commodities, the methyl ethyl ketone market has also increased speculation. In addition, some of the equipment on the supply side was overhauled.




Soda Ash

This month,  the national raw salt market is mainly up, and the market sentiment is good. The sea salt market is operating steadily. Due to the rainfall, some sea salt companies have cancelled autumn pickles and their production has declined. Downstream construction resumed gradually, and prices increased by 15-20 yuan/ton.




Ethylene Glycol


This month ethylene glycol Asian import US dollar market continued to recover, the monthly average price rose us $79.9 to US $895.8 / ton, the highest in a month. The point was 892.9 yuan/ton and the low was 804.7 DOLLARS/ton.  Within the Asian glycol market shock operation.





The overall focus of the n-butanol market has rebounded steadily this month, although after the middle of this month, with the impact of dual control and power curtailment on Jiangsu, Zhejiang, South China and other regions, the start of butyl ester is still low, and at the same time, terminal enterprises have limited production.





This month, the octanol market was once a strong rise, after the National Day holiday this month based on some of the downstream plasticizer factories focus on replenishment, market transactions enlarge, manufacturers of new orders to increase the focus of shipments, the National Day period and after the holiday market rebounded sharply.

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