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    The old site of the chemical plant is changed into a building

    Echemi 2019-07-23


    The reported property "Green City" is located in the northwest side of the intersection of South Central and West Central of Taiyuan City, which belongs to the chlor-alkali branch of Taiyuan Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Taihua Group"). On June 5, 2013, the company, which has nearly 60 years of production history, stopped production. On October 11, 2016, Taiyuan Greenland Taihua Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. took the plot (Taihua chlor-alkali 004 plot) to develop and construct the Greenland city project. The information of the credit information publicity system of state enterprises shows that the shareholders of the above development companies are green group Taiyuan Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. and Taiyuan Chemical Industry Group Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.

    In 2018, Mr. Mingkang, who has real estate needs, learned that the "Green City" project was finally selected for the trust of brand developers after a comparison. In April 2019, Mr. Kang learned through the owner group that the above buildings were built and developed on the old site of the chemical plant and the land was polluted. This news also made other owners uneasy. Since April 2019, Green City owners have repeatedly negotiated with developers, and there are only four collective rights actions on a scale. The owner said: "Every time the developers reply, they say that the pollution is controlled by Taihua Group, and the slow progress of the project is also caused by the pollution remediation. However, the developers have not explained to what extent the pollution is and what the pollutants are. The owner inquired about benzene pollution, which may cause disease in long-term residence. Who is not afraid to spend millions of dollars to buy a "poisoning house" asymmetric information, complaints from developers several times since the owners safeguarded their rights and rumors about the pathogenicity of contaminated land have further deepened the owners'fear of land pollution. From 2017 onwards, in view of the problems of land pollution and project shutdown in Greenbelt City, owners have also repeatedly reported and complained through government letters and visits such as Jinyuan District Governor's mailbox. During the period, the office of Taiyuan Municipal People's Government (formerly the office of Taiyuan Municipal People's Government) and Jinyuan Branch Bureau of Taiyuan Ecological Environment Bureau have repeatedly answered the owner's questions. It is clear that building 8 to 11 of Greenbelt City is located in block 004 of Taihua chlor-alkali North Factory District, and there are different degrees of pollution in this area. Taiyuan City Eco-environment Bureau (formerly Taiyuan Environmental Protection Bureau) published in May 2018 "Taiyuan City Polluted Land List", in which Taihua 004 plot is listed. At that time, the "progress" column of the plot shows that "repairs have been completed, pending acceptance". 

    In the meantime, there were reports from the public that the Construction Party of the project of Greenbelt City started the construction of the pile foundation when the land pollution had not been repaired. The video and pictures provided by the owner also showed that the pile foundation was clear in a number of large pits.

    Taiyuan Greenland Taihua Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. staff denied this statement, the project leader surnamed Li said: "The contaminated land really involves some areas of buildings 8, 9, 10 and 11, 15, but no construction started, there is no situation of construction before treatment, must wait for treatment and repair. Only after the completion and acceptance are qualified can the construction be started, which is also the main reason for the slow progress of the project. "I have been to the site during 2017 and 2018, and there is no construction situation other than land restoration," said Li, a member of the supervision team of Jinyuan Branch Bureau of Taiyuan Ecological Environment Bureau.

    In view of this, the reporter testified to Taiyuan Eco-environment Bureau that Shi Baoyu, Director of the Bureau's Eco-environment Department, had indeed received relevant reports before. In 2017, Jinyuan Branch of Taiyuan Eco-Environment Bureau stopped the pile foundation construction of developers on unrepaired plots in time in the form of security, because it could not be relied on at that time. No administrative penalty has been imposed, but due to the construction of pile foundation, the cost of treatment and repair has increased by more than one million yuan.

    Public data show that some substances in VOCs can cause direct harm to human body and environment. Compared with VOCs, SVOCs are more difficult to degrade and exist longer.

    Many owners are worried about the progress of remediation, whether land pollution has been thoroughly remediated, whether there is a certificate of acceptance by supervisory departments, whether long-term residence will affect health, and most owners have no clear concept about this.

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