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    Q2 financial report comes out! Basf, Xuanwei, PPG, Akzo Nobel Revenue Inventory

    Echemi 2019-08-12


    Recently, the world's three largest paint giants, sherwin-williams, PPG Industries and AkzoNobel of the Netherlands, released their second-quarter earnings. Basf, a global industrial giant, also released its second-quarter earnings for 2009. The importance of the second quarter is self-evident. It fully demonstrates that the company's strategy is playing a role. It also reflects the trend of the second half of the deployment plan. is online coatingol. Among the net sales of the three giants, Xuanwei ranked first with $4.88 billion, followed by PPG with $4 billion and Akzo Nobel with $3.396 billion. But in terms of growth rate, PPG seems to be stepping in place, Xuanwei only slightly increased by 2.2%, Aksub Nobel increased by 36%, the first growth rate, showing a prominent performance.

    Basf's sales in the second quarter totaled 15.2 billion euros, down from the same period last year. On July 23, Xuanwei disclosed the 2008 financial report. As of the second quarter of June 30, 2019, total net sales amounted to $4.88 billion, with a cumulative total of $8.92 billion in the first half of the year.

    New customer plans and rising sales prices launched in 2018 were partly offset by weak demand in some terminal markets outside the United States and adverse currency conversion rate changes. John G. Morikis commented that "Xuanwei achieved record results in the second quarter, overcoming the imbalance of terminal market demand outside the United States. We also continue to forecast that gross margin will continue to improve in the second half of the year due to continued sales growth and lower raw material prices. We expect that the combined net sales in the third quarter will increase by a low-digit percentage compared with the same period last year. The combined net sales for the whole year of 2019 will increase by 2% to 4% over 2018. On July 24, Akzo Nobel officially released the second quarter of 2009 earnings data. Revenue reached 305 million euros ($339.5 million) in the second quarter, up 87.1% from 163 million euros in the first quarter. After adjustment, operating income profit increased by 36% and sales return increased to 13.7%.

    Among them, the sales return of decorative paint business rose to 13.5% (12.2% in the same period in 2018); the sales return of high-performance paint business rose to 13.6% (11.8% in the same period in 2018).

    Focus more on paint and paint business: In the second quarter of 2019, Akzo Nobel's decorative paint brand Dorothy Valentine, launched in France, has a strong market competitiveness in new products; in addition, Akzo Nobel's high-performance building powder coatings and industrial coatings, by Hudson City, New York, the United States. The city square project is adopted.

    More attention should be paid to the global market layout in the field of coatings. Akzo Nobel announced on July 18 that he would acquire Mapaero, the French aviation paint manufacturer. Thierry Vanlancker, chief executive of Akzo Nobel, said: "The company made gratifying progress in the second quarter. Facing the increasingly weak market trend, we will continue to focus on the implementation of the established strategy, properly seize the opportunities for strategic growth, and strive to become a benchmark for the paint and paint industry. ” Akzo Nobel will continue to implement the transformation plan, hoping to save one-time costs in 2019-2020 and achieve the goal of saving 200 million euros by 2020. 

    PPG released its financial performance in the second quarter of 2019. PPG's net sales in the second quarter of 2019 were about $4 billion, down 2.6% from last year, according to the report.

    Net sales of fixed currencies increased by about 1% over the previous year as sales prices rose by more than 2%. Sales overall fell by about 4% compared with last year, about 1.5% of which came from the previously announced changes in customer classification of American architectural coatings. Adverse foreign currency exchange affected net sales of more than 3%, or about $130 million, and acquisition-related sales (excluding divestiture) grew by more than 2%. According to the report, the net profit generated by the continuing business is US$270 million, or US$1.13 diluted earnings per share. The adjusted net profit from the continuing business was $441 million, or $1.85 per diluted adjusted share. The adjusted net profit excludes $133 million in after-tax business restructuring costs and other adjustments totalling $38 million, which can affect diluted earnings per share of 56 cents and 16 cents, respectively.

    On July 25, Basf issued its second quarter financial report for 2019, with cumulative sales of 15.2 billion euros. Sales in Basf fell by 4% compared with the second quarter of last year. Income before interest and tax excluding special items is 1 billion Euros

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