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    B-2-Triphenylenylboronic acid structure

    B-2-Triphenylenylboronic acid

    • CAS No:


    • Formula:


    • Synonyms:

      B-2-Triphenylenylboronic acid;Triphenylen-2-ylboronic acid;9,10-BenzophenanthreN-2-ylboronicacid;triphenylene-2-yl boronic acid;Triphenylen-2-ylboronic acid/B-2-Triphenylenylboronic acid;Boronic acid, B-2-triphenylenyl-;Boronic acid, 2-triphenylenyl-;2-Triphenylenylboronic acid

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    Yellow solid

    Basic Attributes

    • 654664-63-8

    • C18H13BO2

    • 272.10562

    • 272.100861

    • 40.5 A^2


    • 2

    • 2

    • 0.00

    • 1


    • 1.3±0.1 g/cm3

    • 295.8±25.4 °C

    • 1.762

    Safety Information

    Production Methods

    The intermediates in argon atmosphere (E1) (2.90g, 9 . 44mmol), tetrahydrofuran (80 ml) mixing, cooling to -78 °C. Furthermore, by adding n-BuLi (1.60M hexane solution, 6.20 ml, 9 . 91mmol), with 2-hour heating to 0 °C. Then again cooling to -78 °C, adding trimethoxyborane (2.58g, 24 . 8mmol), at -78 ° C stirring 20 minutes, with 8 hours warming to room temperature. Under an argon atmosphere the intermediate (A2) (2.90g, 9.44mmol), tetrahydrofuran (80mL) were mixed and cooled to -78 deg C. Then, added a solution of n-butyllithium (1.60M in hexanes, 6.20mL, 9.91mmol), 2 hours with heating until it is 0 deg C. Then cooled again to -78 deg.] C, then was added trimethoxy borane (2.58g, 24.8mmol), stirred for 20 minutes at -78 deg.] C after 8 hours with heating until it is room temperature.After completion of the reaction, aqueous hydrochloric acid (1M, 20mL), stirred at room temperature for 1 hour, extracted with ethyl acetate.The solution was dried over magnesium sulfate, concentrated, suspended in hexanes and washed, recovered by filtration, to give intermediate (A3)(1.46g, 5.38mmol, 57percent yield)2-bromotriphenylene (63.7, 207.4mmol) was dissolved in THF 1.5L and cooled to -78°C. 10 minutes later, n-BuLi(2.5M in hexane) (125mL, 311mmol) was slowly added and the mixture was stirred for 1 hour. Triethylborate (67mL, 311mmol) was slowly added, and the mixture was stirred for 24 hours. After termination of the reaction, 1M HCl was added, and the mixture was extracted with EA. Subsequently, the residual moisture was removed using anhydrous MgSO6.12 g of 2-bromo-triphenylene (molecular weight 306, 0.02 mol) Was dissolved in 100 ml of dry THF, -80 ° C was added n-butylamine 10 ml (2.5 M, 0.025 mol) Stirring for 15min, And 18 ml of triisopropyl borate was added dropwise. Hydrolysis, adjust the pH to neutral precipitation of white boronic acid derivatives 5.5g, the yield of nearly 100percent.


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