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    AkzoNobel Announces Paint the Future Collaborations

    Coatings World 2020-07-02



    Five enterprising companies have embarked on a new innovation journey with AkzoNobel after their inventive ideas were selected as part of the company’s Paint the Future supplier collaboration program. 
    Agreements are now in place with the five successful participants following the inaugural event held last November – which subsequently led to 115 submissions.
    The ideas that the company thinks will create the most value were submitted by Lonza Microbial Solutions (Switzerland), IGM Resins (the Netherlands), ICL Group (Israel), Croda Smart Materials (UK) and Wagner Painting (Germany).
    “Staging the event revealed so many insights into the industry and I really appreciate the unique way we all teamed up to define our industry challenges,” said Klaas Kruithof, AkzoNobel’s chief technology officer. “Following the event, our suppliers delivered a wide variety of intriguing solutions and we’re looking forward to working together and further developing the selected five ideas, which are very exciting and fit perfectly with our collaborative mindset.”
    Launched in 2019, Paint the Future is AkzoNobel’s global collaborative innovation challenge. 
    Initially open to startups, it was quickly expanded to embrace academia, research institutes and a first group of suppliers, to gradually strengthen the collaboration program. The initiative (an industry first) is focused on establishing an innovation ecosystem to help accelerate, test, launch and scale ideas and solutions for the paints and coatings industry.
    “We’ve never stopped pushing the boundaries of what paint can be and what it can do,” said Kruithof. “Collaborating with our suppliers is all about accelerating creative ideas that will help take our products – and our future – beyond today by elevating everything to the next level.”
    The five collaborations in more detail:
    • Lonza Microbial Solutions – a real-time microbial detection method
      With this new technology, we can obtain vital data that will help us assess the quality of raw materials and respond quickly to any deviations in our production lines;
    • IGM Resins – instant-drying hybrid decorative paints
      This partnership is focused on developing paint for professionals – and eventually the DIY market – which dries significantly faster. Typical applications will include doors and window frames;
    • ICL Group – safe and stable paint formulations
      With concerns and regulatory pressure around allergens and toxic materials on the increase, ICL and AkzoNobel are teaming up to find a solution together
    • Croda Smart Materials – self-healing coatings
      Croda is developing coatings that recover from scratches at room temperature, which will help to protect the surface and retain the coating’s glossy appearance;
    • Wagner Painting – zero overspray application equipment
      Jointly developing an intelligent and adaptable industrial spray equipment concept, known as “SpraySavvy,” which aims for zero overspray and less waste


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