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    Can an antibody "cocktail" prevent COVID-19 infection?


    In a new clinical trial, UC Davis Health will test the efficacy and safety of REGN-COV2 (a monoclonal antibody mixture) in the prevention of COVID-19 in adults with the infection. The drug was recently administered to President Donald Trump as part of a treatment for SAR-CoV-2 infection. It is still in clinical trials as a potential treatment and prevention for COVID-19.

    Stuart Cohen, chief of infectious diseases at UC Davis Health and the hospital's director of epidemiology and infection prevention, will oversee the clinical trial and help recruit participants.

    Cohen said, "We at UC Davis Health are excited to participate in this clinical trial and to study antibodies that have been used in the past to prevent many viral infections, such as hepatitis B." "We will be testing the ability of REGN-COV2 to prevent COVID-19 infection in people who are already in close contact with confirmed patients, such as family members,"

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