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    ASIA PACIFIC COATINGS:Indonesia to become Asia's fastest-growing paint market

    Echemi 2018-11-08

    The annual Indonesian paint fair, ASIA PACIFIC COATINGS, will be held between 2018-09-13 and 2018-09-15. The international exhibition will be hosted by the Indonesian Coatings Association at the Jakarta Convention and Exhibition Center. It is expected to attract more than 20000 professionals.


    Indonesia is the largest country in Southeast Asia, rich in natural resources and one of the G20 countries. In recent years the economy continues to develop in Indonesia with a large population and per capita consumption of paint is far below the world average the paint industry is developing rapidly and this development momentum will continue under the support of the government. The latest study by a U.S. consulting firm speculated that Indonesia could become the fastest-growing paint market in Asia.


    With the development of national income, the purchasing ability of consumers has been greatly improved in terms of quantity and quality, which provides more profit and sales space for the paint industry. On the other hand, in addition to the increasing demand for traditional coatings, with the development of science and technology and the progress of people's daily quality, new and functional coatings are being accepted by more and more consumers.


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