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    Echemi 2018-11-08

    The Paints Exhibition in Pakistan has been provide unlimited Business opportunities for the Paints Market。


    The fourth Pakistan paint Exhibition (PAINTS&COATINGEXPO) will be held in Karachi, Pakistan in October 2018. The international exhibition, sponsored by Pakistan's well-known media and exhibition company MASSEXPO, is an important paint and paint industry exhibition in Pakistan at present. It is a very professional and influential exhibition in South Asia. By the local government departments and related industry associations strong support.


    Pakistan paint Exhibition is an international paint, ink, paint, adhesive raw materials and equipment suppliers to expand and consolidate the South Asian market quality marketing platform. At the same time, a seminar on product and technology will be held. Representatives of the invited chemical and processing enterprises will discuss the new information in the industry. The last exhibition in Karachi attracted more than 200 paint raw materials suppliers and equipment manufacturers from 12 countries. The audience reached more than 12000 people and the effect of the exhibition was excellent.

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