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    A Win-Win Wall Coating Collaboration with Never Paint Again & Wetherby Group

    MENAFN.COM 2017-05-15

    Plymouth, Devon, UK Its rare to find a business collaboration within the exterior coatings industry that fits like a glove, but the recent teaming-up with coating giants Wetherby group, and the UKs most famous exterior wall coating distributor Never Paint Again UK, was a perfect match.

    Wetherby Group is a leading British manufacturer of high performance wall covering products, with extensive experience dating all the way back to the early 1970s, from their base in Dalston, North Yorkshire.

    Never Paint Again started off in 1986, in Plymouth, Devon, where they still retain a base. Since then they have expanded their service area to include all of England, Wales and Scotland. They have been featured several times on radio, on TV, and in several major newspapers and magazines, both at home and abroad.

    A chance meeting a few years ago, led to a working collaboration on developing what would become their Wethertex MP44 exterior coating system, the most durable and long lasting exterior wall coating product on the market today.

    The product far exceeds anything similar, and extensive testing, both at the factory and on-site, in conjunction with Never Paint Again, has led to an outstanding exterior paint finish, which once applied to the exterior of a building by high-pressure spray, eliminates the need for costly repainting of the property for over 20 years.

    The results achieved with MP44 not only eliminates any re-painting or maintenance, it also stops damp and mould within buildings, its fully flexible and breathable, and retains a super durable coloured paint finish which, unlike normal paints, will not fade, crack or peel.

    The two companies are so confident of the performance of the MP44 product, a 20 year insurance-backed guarantee is offered on each completed job, giving home owners and businesses owners too, total peace of mind, whilst still being a cost-effective alternative to yearly repainting.

    During its long history, Wetherby group has made sure to always listen to its customers and it prides itself on professionalism and being at the top of their game, so a collaboration with market leaders Never Paint Again was a foregone conclusion.

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