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US Ethanol Groups Slam Potential Extension of EU Antidumping Duties

ICIS 2018-02-23

US ethanol trade groups on Wednesday slammed the European Commission’s review to extend antidumping duties on US fuel ethanol.

The 9.5% duties are set to expire at the end of this month, but on Tuesday the European Renewable Ethanol Association (e-Pure) announced it will begin a review to extend those measures.

Groups representing the US ethanol market criticised the review.

“It is disappointing that some are seeking to continue to impose unjustified duties on US ethanol and to stifle trade,” said Chris Bliley, vice president of regulatory affairs for Growth Energy.

The investigation will be concluded within the next 15 months, according to the Journal of the European Union. The request is based on the grounds that the expiry of the measures could result in dumping and injury to the EU ethanol market.

The head of the US Renewable Fuels Association (RFA) said the dynamics of today’s marketplace have vastly changed since the EU imposed the duties in 2013.

“Europe’s ethanol industry needs to realize that it can't build a competitive and healthy biofuel industry by shielding it from global competition,” RFA CEO Bob Dinneen said.

“As a result of this protectionist mindset, Europe can’t even compete against much smaller, fledgling biofuel industries in countries like Peru and Colombia,” Dinneen said.

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