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    Market Analysis - Monthly Report - May, 2020 -Sulfamonomethoxine Sodium

    Echemi 2020-06-04

    Overview of the Current Market Situation

    In May 2020, the price of sulfamethoxine sodium generally remained stable, as follows
    1.On the supply side, at present, all factories have stocks, spot supply, and supply is not tight.
    2.Affected by the epidemic, overseas market demand is relatively poor. At present, the client mainly focuses on digesting pre-stocks, and it is difficult to restore demand in the short term.


    Market Review of May(1)



    Factory capacity

    Market Review of May(2)


    Market Forecast for Next Month




    Spot supply, delivery is not tight

    Market Demand

    Poor market demand, mainly based on the digestion of previous inventory

    Factory Mentality

    At present, the actual order can be negotiated, and the right to speak is in the market

    Upstream Raw Materials

    Currently, the upstream raw material supply is stable.

    In summary, it is expected that the overall price will be stable in June 2020. It is not ruled out that the factory side has slightly reduced prices due to grabbing orders, and there is room for bargaining on actual orders.

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