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    Market Analysis - Monthly Report - May, 2020 - Paracetamol

    Echemi 2020-06-04

    Overview of the Current Market Situation

    In May 2020, the price of paracetamol is stable, the main reasons are as follows
    1.In May, the supply end received fewer orders, and the factory mainly focused on delivery. The current delivery date is in late July.
    2.From the upstream raw materials, the main raw material for paracetamol in May, 4-Aminophenol, is currently stable in price. From the perspective of upstream raw material costs, paracetamol does not have
    the possibility of a sharp rise.
    3.On the downstream demand side, there is currently little demand in the downstream market, and customers are waiting for the factory to deliver early orders. The lack of downstream demand has caused the current price to not continue to rise.


    Market Review of May(1)



    Price Offer and Factory Operation





    40,000 MT

    Different quotation strategies varying from Europe, Africa, South America and Southeast Asia.


    15,000 MT


    Uniform quotations are implemented in various markets and their product cannot be exported to Europe.

     Hebei Jiheng (Group) Pharmaceutical

    20,000 MT

    African markets can be quoted normally, and other markets have specialized agents


    15,000 MT

    The quality of the products is lower than that of similar manufacturers. They mainly export to low-end market.


    Market Review of May(2)



    Market Forecast



    Market demand

    At precent, the market demand is not large, and customers mainly wait for the factory to deliver the confirmed orders.


    Major factories currently do not have spot stock, mainly to deliver confirmed orders.

    Factory determination to raise prices

    Poor market demand in May, no possibility of price increase.

    Upstream raw materials

    The price of Anhui Bayi Chemical's 4-Aminophenol is stable.

    In June 2020, the price of paracetamol is expected to remain stable in general, and the price of barrels is between 5.2USD / KG-5.3USD / KG. Before the factory orders are delivered in the middle of July, that is, there is no possibility of a substantial price reduction.

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