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    DSM launches a comprehensive solution for plant meat

    Echemi 2020-07-13

    Recently, DSM has launched a comprehensive solution portfolio for plant-based meat substitutes designed to improve taste, texture and nutritional value, while also managing sodium in meat substitute applications (such as burgers, sausages and bulk foods) content. It uses selected yeast extracts, processed spices, hydrocolloids and nutrients.

    DSM plant meat solutions include: high-nucleotide yeast extract Maxarome Select, which can help mask the "beany" odor usually associated with plant protein and produce a rich umami; Multirome, can produce a juicy, delicate taste And experience; Maxavor can provide the desired meat flavor; Gelaneer colloid, can enhance the water binding ability, improve the juiciness, but also has an authentic meat texture and taste. In addition, DSM's Quali vitamins and DSM Premix Solutions can be added to fill the gaps in the nutrition of plant-based products, while the Maxa-vor RYE LS series can provide meat flavor while reducing sodium salt. To control salt.

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