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    Evonik's dietary supplement MEDOX hits the German market

    Echemi 2020-07-13

    A few days ago, Evonik's natural dietary supplement MEDOX landed on the German market. The product is made from Scandinavian European bilberries and is rich in anthocyanins with high concentration of plant pigments. At present, MEDOX has been sold in major pharmacies and online pharmacies in Germany. This is the first time Evonik has sold products directly to end users through a pharmacy.

    Thomas Riermeier, head of Evonik’s health business, said: “The anthocyanin compounds in MEDOX are particularly beneficial to the elderly and sports people. Previously, the product has been available in online stores in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, the United Kingdom and China. Sales. In China, MEDOX officially launched the official flagship store of JD Overseas in July 2017 and entered Tmall International in May 2020."

      The anthocyanin compounds in MEDOX are extracted from the dark purple plant pigments of dark berries. They have antioxidant functions and can improve blood circulation.

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