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    First in Argentina: Rizoderma Arroz, a biological fungicide for rice

    Echemi 2020-08-04

    Recently, an Argentine company Rizobacter and the National Institute of Agricultural Technology launched the biological fungicide Rizoderma Arroz.

    The fungicide is derived from Trichoderma harzianum (Th2 RI99 strain) and is the country's first organic product for rice crops.

    According to the manufacturer, they have evaluated the biological product in multiple trials, and all have shown the same or better pathogen control ability as the chemical agent.

    They added that Rizoderma Arroz is a 100% biological product, and it can provide effective bactericidal effects and a broad-spectrum control range, with long-lasting efficacy and a low risk of pathogen resistance. The fungicide is a liquid agent and can be directly applied to the seeds within 30 days after pretreatment.

    Rizobacter pointed out that in addition to protecting plant pathogens, Rizoderma Arroz can also increase plant roots and the volume of the aerial parts of seedlings, and can be used with other seed treatment insecticides.

    Ricardo Yapur, CEO of Rizobacter, explained the relationship between his company and INTA. He said that in 2005, they established a partnership with INTA. In 2013, the two jointly developed and launched a biological fungicide. In 2015, they registered the first biological fungicide for soybeans.

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