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    July China's chemical industry prosperity index report is here

    Echemi 2020-08-04

    Comprehensive Prosperity Index

    With the gradual implementation of various policies and measures to promote the prevention and control of the epidemic and economic and social development, the chemical production and operation order has been steadily restored. It is estimated that the final value of the comprehensive prosperity index of the chemical industry in June is 101.9, which is estimated to reach the peak of deepening the resumption of work and production. ; It is expected that with the stabilization of the industry’s production and operation in July, the value of the prosperity index will fall back to the initial value of 99.0.

    Compared with May, the four sub-indexes that constitute the prosperity index of the chemical industry (excluding seasonal factors): the profit and investment sub-indexes rose sharply and improved significantly, the price sub-index rebounded slightly, and the production sub-index fell slightly.

    Comprehensive warning index

    It is estimated that the early warning index for the chemical industry in July was operating at a high level in the green light area. From the initial value, the early warning index was 30.4, which was 1.3 points lower than that in June and 0.6 points below the warning line in the yellow light area, mainly due to the resumption of production and operation. The impact of the stabilization period.

    Industry warning lights

    Affected by the rapid recovery of chemical production and operation, the early warning index of China’s chemical industry in June increased sharply by 5.6 points compared with that in May, and the index value exceeded the yellow light warning line by 0.7 points to 31.7; the nine constituent sub-indexes of the early warning index (seasonally adjusted) Excluding seasonal factors), the total profit of chemical companies, operating costs of chemical companies, power generation, chemical production, chemical ex-factory prices, loss of chemical companies, and crude oil imports have stabilized in the green light zone. Crude oil prices have rebounded significantly and the chemical industry has stabilized. Asset investment rebounded, all running through the yellow warning line.

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