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Global Top 25 Pharmaceutical Brand Value

Medical and Health News 2021-07-08

The British brand evaluation agency "Brand Finance" released the "Global Healthcare Brands" Value List (Healthcare 2021). On the “Top 25 most valuable pharma brands” list, Johnson & Johnson and Roche continued to occupy the top two positions, while AbbVie jumped to third place. In China, 4 brands including Sinopharm, Guangzhou Pharmaceutical, Shanghai Pharmaceutical and Yunnan Baiyao are on the list. In the "Top 25 most valuable medical devices brands" list, Medtronic, Fresenius and BD ranked the top three.

Global Top 25 Pharmaceutical Brand Value and Top 25 Medical Device Brand Value


Top 25 global pharmaceutical brand value:(Ranking,Brand,Location,Brand Value,Annual Growth Rate)

1. Johnson & Johnson U.S. $10.751 billion/-1.2%

2. Roche Switzerland 7.705 billion USD/+1.5%

3. Abbvie U.S. 4.976 billion US dollars / +45.5%

4.Bayer Germany 4.461 billion US dollars / -13.4%

5. Bristol-Myers Squibb U.S. 4.140 billion US dollars / +83.9%

6. Merck & Co US $4.113 billion/-4.3%

7.Pfizer US $4.026 billion/+5.6%

8. GSK U.K. 3.467 billion U.S. dollars/-1.5%

9. Novartis Switzerland 3.291 billion US dollars / +1.9%

10.Sanofi France 3.240 billion US dollars / -6.8%

11. Sinopharm China

12.AstraZeneca, UK

13.Eli Lilly and Company, United States

14.Amgen United States

15. Novo Nordisk Denmark

16.Takeda Japan

17.Gilead Sciences United States

18.Merck KGaA, Germany

19.Guangzhou Pharmaceuticals Corporation China

20.Shanghai Pharmaceutical (SPH) China

21.Biogen United States

22.Teva Israel

23. CSL Australia

24.Sandoz Germany

25.Yunnan Baiyao China

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