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    Echemi and XiXisys have renewed their strategic SDS data cooperation agreement

    Echemi 2019-10-21


    With the improvement of global chemical regulations and management system, Echemi and XiXisys signed the SDS data cooperation agreement in October 2019, and reached the strategic in-depth cooperation relationship to provide real-time SDS and other chemical compliance data services for domestic and foreign customers. This data cooperation mainly covers 4 million copies of UN GHS SDS data (the eighth revised) and compliance data. Customers can obtain product-related SDS and compliance data information through free inquiry, make prejudgments on the market, and improve import and export efficiency.


    XiXisys Group Co., Ltd. is an innovative compliance service company. Based on the experience of chemical compliance services of nearly 1,000 companies in 9 years, XiXisys is committed to integrating information technology, internet technology and compliance services, and developing compliance software and databases. The company has completed a large number of EU REACH and K-REACH registration, and provide free SDS download and SDS software production services.


    Echemi and XiXisys jointly build SDS data project and deepen strategic cooperation. The two sides will make joint efforts to provide enterprises with better compliance experience and services, and promote compliance with production, research and development, sales and other links -- compliance creates business value.

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