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    Rules of Prohibited and Restricted Products Announcement on Echemi Platform

    Echemi 2021-04-30

    In light of the regulatory requirements, Echemi platform ( has revised the "Rules of Prohibited and Restricted Products" to assist members in complying with applicable laws and maintain the sustainable development of the platform. Starting from May 1, 2021, will prohibit the listing and trading of all high risk products categories mentioned below.


    Rules of Prohibited and Restricted Products on Echemi:

    1) Drug related products

    a) Drugs, such as opium, heroin, methamphetamine, morphine, marijuana and other narcotic drugs or psychotropic drugs that can make people addictive;

    b) Precursor chemicals, such as ephedrine, safrole, etc., that can be used as raw materials or formulations to make drugs;

    c) Drug production tools;

    d) Stimulants.


    2) Hazardous chemicals

    a) Highly toxic chemicals and highly toxic substances, such as cyanide, vanadium pentoxide, etc.;

    b) Radioactive substances;

    c) Nationally regulated explosive chemicals like potassium nitrate, sodium nitrate, etc;

    d) In addition to the above, the release of other hazardous chemicals without operating qualifications belongs to the category of prohibited items.


    3) Pharmaceutical related products

    a) All kinds of medicines;

    b) Anaesthetic and psychotropic substances.

    4) Other product information that Echemi deems should not be published.


    Members are reminded to comply with the applicable product compliance laws and regulations of the countries / regions into which the products are sold when listing and trading products on the platform. Starting from May 1, 2021, the legal responsibility caused by the release of product information that does not comply with the platform's prohibition rules shall be borne by the relevant users. Echemi has the right to remove or delete any information that violates Echemi's rules immediately, and reserves the right to warn, suspend or terminate the service.


    Echemi will continue to monitor changes in the laws and policies of different countries and make adjustments to platform control policies from time to time. Please contact our customer service if you have any further inquiries.



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    Disclaimer: Echemi reserves the right of final explanation and revision for all the information.

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