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    Weekly Prices and Analyses for Chemicals (May 6, 2020)

    Echemi 2020-05-06


    Paracetamol $5.2/KGS

    Manufacturers stop quoting.

    Sulfamethazine Sodium $12.4/KGS
    Lincomycin Hydrochloride $43/BOU
    Gentamicin sulfate $143/BOU

    Tilmicosin phosphate $34.3/KGS
    Favipiravir $10000/KGS
    Tiamulin fumarate $27.5/KGS
    Toltrazuril $175.6/KGS
    Aspirin $2.9/KGS
    Levamisole Hydrochloride $54.3/KGS

    Industrial Coatings

    Caustic Soda $425/MT

    Affected by the epidemic, there is no obvious improvement in downstream demand.The market transactions are light, and the price reduction of enterprises mainly promotes transactions. It is expected that the caustic soda market will run weakly in the short term.

    Specialty Chemicals

    Adipic acid $980/MT

    Affected by the epidemic situation and the large fluctuations in international crude oil, the downturn in downstream demand has not improved, and the market turnover is not smooth. As the end of the month approaches, the downstream will wait and see the factory's end of the month. Pay more attention to crude oil / pure benzene raw materials and demand, and the short-term adipic acid market will run weakly.

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