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    2020 European In-Cosmetics Global is completely cancelled

    Echemi 2020-07-03

    Affected by the new crown epidemic, Reed Exhibition announced on July 1 that it will completely abolish In-Cosmetics Global in 2020 and change it to 2021.

    Reed Exhibitions stated that according to the original plan, the 2020 exhibition will be held in Barcelona, Spain, and in 2021, Milan, Italy. But for the convenience of exhibitors, the location in 2021 was changed to Barcelona, and the time was April 13-15.

    Cathy Laporte, Director of Product Portfolio at Reed Exhibitions, said: "In order to minimize the logistics impact of exhibitors, we will hold this event in Barcelona (same showroom/venue) instead of the original 2021 Milan."

    In addition, In-Cosmetics Korea, which is hosted by the company, has been postponed to July 14-16, 2021.

    However, In-Cosmetics Asia will be held in Bangkok, Thailand on November 3-5, 2020 as scheduled.

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