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    The first national art paint product standard released

    Echemi 2020-09-02

    Artistic paint is not only diverse in color, but also safe and environmentally friendly. In recent years, it has gradually become the "new darling" of fire wall decoration. However, art coatings do not have corresponding policies, regulations and specifications, and consumers have no reference standards when purchasing art coatings, and there are hidden safety hazards in the process of consumption and use.

    Recently, Foshan Coatings Industry Association and Shunde District Coatings Chamber of Commerce issued two group standards: "T/SDTL 01-2020 Thick-coating Art Paint for Construction" and "T/SDTL 02-2020 Thin-coating Art Paint for Construction". As the first domestic product standard to regulate the quality and performance of artistic coatings, the index of this standard is superior to the requirements of current domestic and foreign internal and external wall product standards, filling the gaps in domestic related fields.

    It is reported that the two standards were proposed and drafted by the Coatings Chamber of Commerce of Shunde District, Foshan City. More than 10 units participated in the preparation of the two standards. They stipulated the classification, requirements, test methods, inspection rules and signs, packaging and packaging of thin coating and thick coating art coatings. Storage and other aspects are currently applicable to more than ten participating units, and it is planned to spread to Shunde and even various art coating companies across the country in the future.

    Fang Xin, president of the Shunde District Coatings Chamber of Commerce, said, “In recent years, artistic coatings have become more and more popular with consumers due to their advantages in green, environmental protection, diversity, individuality, innovation and other product elements and customizability. Shunde District, Foshan City The Coatings Chamber of Commerce has also paid special attention. The two group standards released this time are the Coatings Industry Policy and Standards Research Association, the Coatings Chamber of Commerce in Shunde District of Foshan City, and the Guangdong Product Quality Supervision and Research Institute, as well as the participating units to promote the Chinese coatings industry. A major measure taken in standardization work also conforms to the urgent need of the country to implement the standardization strategy."

    Shunde enjoys the reputation of "Hometown of Chinese Coatings" and is currently a relatively advanced and concentrated area in the development of domestic art coatings. Here, there are many varieties of artistic paints, the products are distinctive, and the construction techniques vary greatly. But this also brings difficulty to product testing, and it is difficult for consumers to distinguish between good quality and bad quality when purchasing.

    Feng Yan, a senior engineer of Guangdong Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Institute, emphasized the importance of these two standards. “The significance of standard preparation is to promote the institutionalization and standardization of art coatings, protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, and provide inspections for enterprises’ foreign trade. Basis. At the same time, it also provides inspection basis for enterprise project acceptance and jointly promotes the quality improvement of the art coating industry."

    Gao Jinxiu, an engineer from Guangdong Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Institute, said that as the first domestic product standard to regulate the quality and performance of art coatings, this standard index is better than the requirements of current domestic and external wall product standards, and is more suitable for art coatings with ever-changing surface textures. The standard also breaks the traditional horizontal scrubbing method, and pioneered the concept of vertical rolling scrubbing performance; according to the construction thickness, the art paint is divided into thick coating type and thin coating type, and thick coating type adds targeted test items such as initial drying For crack resistance and bonding strength, more than 50 domestic and foreign products were selected for compliance testing. The results show that domestic and foreign products are basically the same. Some domestic products are even better than foreign products in terms of stain resistance and bonding strength.

    "We will take this art paint product group standard release conference as an opportunity to vigorously promote the implementation and application of the two group standards, effectively transform the standards into productivity, and help Shunde art coatings industry to enter the road of high-quality development." Yang Xixue, deputy director of the District Market Supervision Administration.

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